Finally a finished painting: Aconitum Napellus, The Monkshood Fairy

Finally I have got this on the scanner. I may say that at a little over 13 x 19 inches this picture requires 4 scans with an A4 scanner and some careful fiddling and stitching together by hand, all done at 600 dpi, which gives my computer a bit of a headache nowadays, so this is not a 5-minute job! The Tobacco Fairy will follow in due course.

So, here she is in glorious close-up detail:
(clicking the images should give you larger versions)

Aconitum Napellus, the Monkshood Fairy
Aconitum Napellus, the Monkshood Fairy
The Monkshood Fairy - close-up
The Monkshood Fairy – close-up
The actual Monkshood flowers
The actual Monkshood flowers: if ever there was a flower that looked sinister, this must surely be it! Yes, it is deadly poisonous, though apparently accidental poisonings are rare because it tastes foul and makes your lips tingle ant the mere touch of it… I cannot verify this, I’ve never put it to the test, though its doing nicely underneath my pear tree.
And the spider…

…what has a spider to do with monkshood? that was in my first post about this picture:

The original drawing and a few things about Monkshood:

And another post about the painting process:

…prints of this painting, and indeed the original painting, are all for sale of course – send me a message if you would like any more information.


  1. Brecinda

    Her smile is very inticing!

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