No painting and not even a sketchbook…

I am on holiday in Cumbria :-). Just thought I’d post a couple of snaps to show why I’m not painting this week, especially having spent a good half hour or so wrestling with the GIMP in an attempt to enhance the photo below. I am not a Photoshop expert,  in fact I have never used it. Instead, I have the GIMP, and what it lacks in intuitive operation, it makes up for in being completely free.

So, having fiddled around, the photo now looks more like it really looked, with the rain sweeping in across the hills. Yes, it probably looks everso slightly buggered-about-with too, but I don’t care – I am on holiday and this is not work. This was Sunday, from near the top of the Crinkle Crags, looking southish towards Harter Fell, which is, I think, the pointy one in the centre distance.

From Crinkle Crags towards Harter Fell
From Crinkle Crags towards Harter Fell

Here’s the original photo – as you can see the colouring was already quite odd:

original image
original image

And a snap taken yesterday, on the way to Scafell (which is out of the photo a bit to the left). I’m not in the photo because I was behind the camera…

on the way to ScaFell
on the way to ScaFell

Today I am resting the knees…

Some people might say that I should take a sketchbook, but I have mostly learned to stop worrying about that, and stopped carrying a book of blank pages around in the hope that it’s a habit I might acquire. I just do not do outdoor sketching, or much sketching at all other than life drawing and to work out the compositions for my paintings. Possibly this is because I am not a fully-rounded artist, but instead a cross between an artist and a nerd with a side-interest in science…  most of my subjects do not originate from things I see, but from concepts that I find interesting, like poisonous plants for instance, and stories and mismatched concepts and the like. Besides, there are mountains to be walked up this week!



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