Do flower fairies eat flowers?

According to the site stats, somebody found this blog today by googling “do flower fairies eat flowers?”. I am sorry to say they would not have received an answer from this blog, for it is indeed an excellent question, so much so that I feel it ought to be addressed! If they do eat flowers, of course, this leads me to wonder do they eat the flowers of their chosen plants? Because this might be a very serious problem for my poison flower fairies.

A scan through more of the obscure search terms people have used to find this blog reveals some other interesting thoughts, of which the strangest is probably “flowers coming out of Medusa’s head”… now that would be very odd. Snakes, of course, perfectly normal, but flowers?! It puts me in mind of the idea of snakes in long grass, but I can’t quite get that one to work in my mind….

A couple of other people have been looking for “weaponized flower-fairy” and “kinky latex wedding ideas”, both searches I can see would have let to my paintings on the poison flower fairies as well, but again, sadly, their searches would have proved fruitless. I cannot please everyone!

However, I am now wondering what it is that fairies do indeed eat? It puts me in mind of an as-yet-un-painted idea I had concerning aphids, and that they could in fact be nasty little fat sucking fairies with big sharp teeth! (can you tell, I’m also a gardener?!).

I have frequently drawn fairies with glasses of wine in their hands, but seldom food… any suggestions, anyone?

Here is one thought – a drawing I did many years ago of fairy thievery that I called ‘The Honey Thieves’. I strongly suspect that whatever it is that fairies eat, they are, sadly, apt more to steal it than to work hard to produce it themselves…

The Honey Thieves
The Honey Thieves

Tell me what you think!

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