‘Registered Animals’… and other exhibitions

So… the last few days have been short on artwork, but rather long on cutting out pieces of cardboard, mounting up drawings, wrapping up prints, and quite boring things like that. The dining room currently looks like this:

…though now I think about it, it’s not usually much better than this.
I shall get back to the real artwork soon I hope, but for the moment a lot of this activity is because I will have work in a few exhibitions – including the ‘registered animals’ which I shall tell you about in a moment. So, in case, by some slim chance, you live just down the road from me, here’s what’s coming up:

  • Spring Farm Arts open weekend, 26th – 27th May:
    This is the group of artists who live in my village – we throw open our studio doors every few times a year in Moorlinch, Somerset (UK). I shall be there all weekend with lots of my paintings, prints, etchings, coasters etc, etc. For more details see the Spring Farm Arts blog, or send me a message.
  • Dove Studio End of Year Show, 26th May – 1st June:
    This is the studio where I do my etchings. I’ll have a couple of my etchings on display, along with many more prints by lots of other people, for more details please see Bronwen Bradshaw’s blog at http://bronwenbradshaw.wordpress.com/2012/05/13/dove-end-of-year-show-2012/
  • The Art Pavilion at the Royal Bath & West Show, 30th May – 2nd June:
    I have submitted 3 pictures for this exhibition, two Poison Flower Fairies and an etching. Whether all or any end up in the exhibition on the day, I couldn’t say, but the show is – as they say – fun for all the family, so if you’re visiting, have a look in the art gallery: http://www.bathandwest.com/art-exhibition-floral-art/143/
  • Somerset Life Magazine at the Royal Bath & West Show, 31st May:
    And finally, following a very successfully article about our Spring Farm Arts group by Somerset Life Magazine, they have invited us onto their stand – to add an air of local artiness. I shall be on their stand on Thursday 31st May, painting… probably the Vis-à-vis picture I showed you the sketch for. So, come and say hello, if you are also visiting.

So you see why actual artistic output has been a little curtailed this week…!

But here was something that made me smile – I had forgotten exactly which etching I had submitted to the Royal Bath and West show, and what price I had put on anything. No matter – I submitted on-line so the details must be visible somewhere, I thought. For those of you not familiar with this event, it’s a huge Westcountry agricultural show, with prizes awarded to cows and bulls and sheep and all sorts, including to cheeses. So, having logged onto the site, I find… after a bit of a search… that I can indeed see all my painting details by editing my ‘Registered Animals’ – seriously – see the screen shot below :-D. I thought this was rather cute in the end, though I declined to buy them any hay or stabling….

My registered animals for the Royal Bath and West!
My registered animals for the Royal Bath and West!

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