Painting the Caper Spurge Fairy

And another poison flower fairy begins to emerge!

This one is Euphorbia Lathyris, fairy of the Caper Spurge. I have (probably) finished the blue under-painting stage now, and unlike the last painting this one is definitely going to be in colour…

Not a huge range of colour, I must admit: the Caper Spurge is basically green all over – no coloured flowers – and given the toxic effects of this plant the poor fairy has to wear an all-in-one latex outfit, which will probably be black. I shall, however, give her pink rubber gloves, I think!

For a little more abotu this most entertaining weed, see my previous post on Euphorbia Lathyris

Caper Spurge Fairy - first stages of painting
Caper Spurge Fairy – first stages of painting

So, here she is, sorry it’s a bit hard to see the detail – always difficult to photograph at this stage on account of too much white paper, but we’ll have none of that soon enough!

Caper Spurge Fairy - close-up
Caper Spurge Fairy – close-up


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