78 Fairies… One calendar.

I have begun planning next year’s calendar. It may not even be July yet, but it occurred to me rather suddenly that in order to have it available for Somerset Arts Weeks in September, I would need to have it all finished and ready to print by the end of August. That’s about two months away…

So, apologies to those to whom I said next year’s calendar would be all flower fairies. So far I have three ‘flower fairies gone to seed’, and four ‘poison flower fairies’, (and three ’emergency’ fairies that would fit in at a pinch). If I did nothing else I might get it done in time, but each of the flower fairies has been rather painstakingly completed and it didn’t seem a project that would benefit from being rushed. There will be another year next year (unless the 2012 end-of-the-worlders are right, in which case a 2013 calendar isn’t going to be useful in any case!)

So, I have another idea, a brand new set of 12 drawings, all from scratch, which I hope I can complete in a month or so. Here are the first 5 sketches. They will probably be finished in the manner of the Gold Fairies, though I’m not absolutely certain yet:

Sketches for the 2012 calendar
Sketches for the 2012 calendar

The observant amongst you may begin to see a pattern in these sketches: at the rate of one new fairy a month, per composition, this adds up to a slightly startling 78. I’m still hopeful they will be done in time, and with twelve new pictures I can also worry less about what to put on the walls for Somerset Arts Week…

One thing that is rather nice about doing these, is the way that  each quantity of fairies lends itself to different type of composition: two figures represent quite different compositional possibilities to five, or eleven. There is a way to go yet though, and we’ll see how I feel about them by the time I have reached December!

In the meantime… can anyone think of a better title for it than just 78 fairies?


  1. Mike C

    A ‘Fantasia of Fairies’ maybe….?

    1. hmmm… nice alliteration 🙂

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