Eight Fairies and a Daisy Chain…

The next completed calendar sketch: 8 fairies and a daisy chain for August. And if you’ve been paying attention and are wondering what happened to 7 fairies for July, this one was supposed to be July. The problem was the composition was at one point quite nicely balanced with 6 fairies, and without re-arranging everything it was easier to remove one fairy and add in three, than to try to put in one more fairy in a space where it didn’t want to go. Fairies… and compositions… are like that sometimes.

August sketch: 8 fairies and a daisy chain
August sketch: 8 fairies and a daisy chain

The month bit of the calendar will of course go in the middle. Not much room for it, I know, but I’m afraid people will just have to write small in that month, or go away on holiday and not have to write much at all!

I slightly feel this composition could be improved, but only by re-drawing 90% of it, and I’m aware that I still have 5 more sketches to go, 49 more fairies to go, all of the actual ‘colouring in’, be it in paint or pencil and gold leaf, and just the one month or so to do it in. Um. 😀

…so I have decided to believe for the moment that it is ‘fresher’ without re-working it… Now, back to 7 fairies.


  1. Thanks for your lovely comments. I really like your idea for the fairy calendar of adding another fairy for each month. I have notice however that the fairies are getting smaller as you go along – twelve is going to be a squish! Are you going to keep the images as line drawings or will you add colour etc to them?

    1. Hi, no problem, thanks for commenting here too! Yes the fairies are getting a bit smaller, but not so much as they might appear to be, as the first images I cropped the white space away before i posted them. All the same I have now got to the point where it’s getting crowded yes!… they need to shrink or I need to draw on bigger paper…
      As to the finished images, I think I will probably do them in monochrome – white fairies against a black (pencil) background, with gold leaf for the wings, like this: http://nancyfarmer.net/gal_gold-fairies.html …either that or I shall paint them in full colour like this: http://nancyfarmer.net/im_rubiks-cube.html, I am still dithering….

      1. That is a tough choice. I like both of those designs. The colour makes the fairy look dream like and slightly out of this world. I love the shimmering see-through quality to the wings. The pencil on the other hand definitely makes the fairy stand out more and the gold wings are a great touch. Lovely website.

        1. Thank you! 🙂 …yes, it’s tricky deciding which way to go. I have decided to finish all the sketches first, as something may fit one sort of treatment better than another…

  2. Niall Young

    I love this series…!!!

    1. Thanks Niall! Actually, meant to say something to you – have you ever seen the ‘Lewis’ series – bbc’s successor to Morse? In one of the episodes in this year’s series there is a girl who is absolutely your model in lots of your artworks – the bob, the sulky pout and everything! I think it was this onẹ: http://www.radiotimes.com/episode/qqq9y/lewis–series-6—1-the-soul-of-genius… you so should see it if only for the girl! x

  3. Do the fairies need to be separate? If some of them overlap, you could still get up to twelve without losing size. Incidentally, when do we need to put our orders in for our copies of the final calendar?

    1. Oh yes, overlapping is definitely allowed, it just hasn’t happened much yet. Striving to get each composition distinct I seem to have coincidentally mostly avoided it – probably because I am thinking each time in terms of how a set number of figures can be arranged on paper, rather than the more usual starting at one point and adding figures till it looks balanced.

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