Seven Birds on a Wire: July sketch

Ok, so they are not birds, they are fairies. This is my seven fairies sketch for the seventh month of my calendar, and, as you can see, the inspiration was in part taken from the tendency of birds to congregate on wires.

Birds (Fairies) on a Wire
Birds (Fairies) on a Wire

Being politically incorrect I still feel that ‘birds’ is a reasonable title. They are all female fairies, they haven’t been so in all the pictures. It just wouldn’t be convincing to drop in a bloke fairy. Watch people in pubs: the girls all sit together and natter, and swap stories. The blokes all sit together and share manful company that is often short on actual conversation. Broad generalizations! So sue me ;-D

The other basis for this picture is a previous painting I completed a couple of years ago, one of a series of ‘The Flower Fairies go to Seed’. This particular one was ‘Runner Beans’ so I painted a row of runner bean fairies. Of course a row:

a row of runner bean fairies
a row of runner bean fairies

(if you’re interested in seeing the whole of the painting it’s here: )

Now, with this new sketch I’m edging closer to rendering these sketches as paintings, rather than the pencil-and-gold-leaf idea I started with. The trouble with using gold leaf (for the wings) is that it will cover up a lot of nice rounded fairy bottoms in this sketch, while with paint I can make the wings transparent.

And so there are 4 more fairies sketches to go…fairly soon it will be time for a bit of extreme geometry to fit them all in!

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