What this calendar needs is a bloody great pumpkin!

Ahem… well it seemed like a good idea yesterday, but now I have drawn it I’m a little alarmed at how complex some of the pictures are getting. These were meant to be simple!

Anyway, let me introduce you to the latest sketch for my calendar: 10 Fairies for October… all wearing masks, as seemed only appropriate, but still no clothes of course: lets not get too carried away here! Actually, I always thought a Naked Masquerade would be a great subject for a painting. I’m also sure it would be a great theme for a cocktail party, though I’d rather be the fly on the wall than a naked party-goer, but don’t you think it would be interesting to watch people’s behaviour? Hmm… ok, maybe I’m just weird.

10 Fairies and a Pumpkin for October
10 Fairies and a Pumpkin for October

Anyway 10 fairies and one huge carved pumpkin. It began when I started thinking about the months I had left to do, and that maybe party hats and crakers could feature in December, and then I thought “I know just what October needs!”. Oh dear… at this rate it’s definitely going to have to be all paintings, and that will take a while. Still, the other option – pencil and gold leaf – is not terribly quick either.

Yes, I know, I have missed out a month again, and I’m off to think about September now… Oh, and anyone interested in one of these calendars, they will in due course be available to buy from my website, never fear!


  1. Fireworks for November? Ride that rocket!

  2. Hmmm… a definite possibility! πŸ˜€
    working on December just now, though distracted by broad beans…

  3. I was going to suggest a harvest festival idea for September – but maybe too many vegetables in a row with the pumpkin in October. Perhaps the autumnal equinox – all the fairies dancing round the moon – or the sun.

    1. Well to be honest the main trouble with a harvest festival is I was trying to keep the pictures simple (!!) mainly just with fairies. Seem to have slipped up lately on that. But the moon, now, that’s a fairly simple thing to paint and the second time someone has suggested it in 24 hours, so maybe that’s a very good idea!

    1. Thank you! πŸ™‚

    1. Thanks heather! πŸ™‚

    1. Thank you for re-posting!

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