Seven Birds on a Wire… finished

So, one down, eleven to go! And for anyone new to this blog, here is ‘July’ in my series of paintings for a 2013 calendar. Yes, I started in the middle…

'Seven Birds on a Wire' - close-up detail
‘Seven Birds on a Wire’ – close-up detail

This is a photo of the painting, which is never as good as a scan for really showing detail, but click on the image and you can see it a quite a bit bigger. I have decided to paint each one with ‘surplus’ background, which will make it a lot easier to format for a calendar so that the whole thing has the same overall ‘feel’, as I can drop in the actual calendar bit over the plain areas of the painting. I might then subsequently crop some of the paintings, though not this one as it benefits from all that open space…

So I have done something I never do, and that is to take it off the board before I have signed it: if some of them are going to be cropped I don’t want an inconveniently placed signature. It will also help me matching the paintings up to some frames I intend to re-use. Yes, I know, I’d love new frames for them all, but 12 paintings at once… an artist’s got to eat, and not just spend the money on framing! Besides, I am falling over frames upstairs… Anyway, here is the whole thing:

Finished painting: 'Seven Birds on a Wire'
Finished painting: ‘Seven Birds on a Wire’

Some people might think this attitude of painting and cropping to size is diluting the ‘fine art’ principle. Well, frankly, you’re right, but as it’s for a calendar, it’s part product-design, part fine art: I am treading a fine line and hope to come out with a fine calendar, and 12 paintings I am happy with. Two intentions at once are always tricky, but us artists are a tricky lot…


  1. This looks great. I do like the full version of the painting. The fairies look very carefree balanced on the wire so high up in the air. The cropped version works too. Both would look good in the calendar.

    1. Thank you! yes, what you’ll see in the calendar is kind of the cropped version, because the calendar dates bit will take up the bottom half, but I’m working on the idea that I’ll let the background show through faintly through the dates,,, or something like that!

  2. The wings complete it perfectly.

  3. This is sooo cute!

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