Don’t Try this at Home: work-in-progress

And on to the second painting for the calendar… Having started in the middle of the year I think I may work outwards to both ends at once. That seems nice and sensible.

So this is June, and coincidentally perhaps the most appropriate, given that there seems to be some sort of sporting event on just now ;-). It could be called Extreme Wine Drinking. I am not sure that this is exactly an Olympic event, nor even a sport, but one could say much the same about beach volleyball…

blue under-painting

blue under-painting

coloured under-painting

coloured under-painting

the painting after 'washing'

the painting after ‘washing’

the story so far...

the story so far…

This is one of those that I shall definitely have to crop in the final framing: there is far too much space on the left (and, one could argue, not really enough on the right, but the less said about that the better since there’s nothing I can do about it).

The reason for this is because in the calendar I imagine that the fairies will sort of go up the right hand side with the dates on the left… maybe quite small dates with not too much room to write out all your appointments!

Back to work now, will show you the results soon…

About Nancy Farmer

About Nancy Farmer: I'm a self-employed artist and I live and work in Somerset, UK. My subjects are somewhere between fantasy and reality, with a healthy dose of humour and an occasional edge of the erotic. I have paintings, etchings and prints for sale, and I also hold exhibitions where you can come and see my paintings in the flesh. Please email me if you'd like to know more, or drop by my website:


  1. Mgon

    Hah-hah. Too fun! Wheeee :D

  2. Great fun! Look forward to seeing more.

  3. Who needs useful calendars? It’s the pictures we get them for. The dates are just an excuse for putting them on the wall. Perhaps 5 interlinked vine wreaths for an alternative Olympics logo, in which Extreme Wine Drinking would be an event?

    I’ve earmarked your finished calendar for several Christmas presents.

    • Oh, delighted to hear the last part of your comment! As to usefulness, I would agree with you, but one of my best friends actually uses hers for actual calendar purposes, which I am always slightly surprised by… she did say it was more difficult when the date bit was an A6 rectangle, like my postcard calendars used
      Like your thinking on the Olympics… ‘Olympissed’? :-D

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