The Fairy Daisy Chain…

Apologies for the break in service: things have been quite hectic lately, and every spare bit of time I have had I have been devoting to getting on with actual paintings. I have finished another calendar picture though – the daisy-chain* one for August:

fairy daisy-chain
fairy daisy-chain

I have to say I was not overly content with this painting: the green fairy in the top left hand corner is really a bad colour choice, and the pink one below was probably not the best decision either. One of the pitfalls of the painting techniques I use is that there isn’t really anything I can do about it once this sort of thing becomes apparent… except learn the lesson and move on! Which, in a way, is also an advantage: artists have been known to spend years re-working a single painting, which I’m not convinced is entirely healthy.

All the same, there are things I like about the painting, in particular the bottom two fairies and the yellow ones. So, moving on from this, the next painting is having multi-coloured fairies, too. After all, what colour are fairies?

There was another reason for the lack of posts, I must admit. There appeared to be a virus on the computer, which made it hard to work. It was a large furry orange virus, called Arthur:


So, back to work again… According to the plan of starting in the middle and working outwards to both ends simultaneously, the next month in line is May.

*Note: for those of you with those sort of minds, sniggering about fairy ‘daisy chains’ and thinking that would be a euphemism for something. Yep, I have painted that picture, too, but it’s not featuring in the calendar… 😉


  1. I’ve nominated you for the One Lovely Blog Award.
    Please see this link for more information:

    1. Thank you! yep, was just reading your post… flattered! will compose reply when I have time… soon….

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