Staring at it won’t make it any different…

I have two new paintings for the calendar to show you. No, I am not that quick, one of them was nearly finished by the time I posted the last post: I have been getting a bit behind.

First here is May:

Painting for May: 'Five Spots on a Dice'
Painting for May: ‘Five Spots on a Dice’

This could be called ‘Five Spots on a Dice’ or maybe ‘Five Fairies and Four Drinks’! Either way, I’m quite pleased with the way it’s come out. The glowing red colours might be rather more suited to a bunch of little demons than fairies, but all the same it has benefited from the previous painting in that the colours have come out nicely balanced, with none of that awful green! Yellow-green is fine: it doesn’t obliterate my careful shading. Anyway, that’s May for you.

And then there is September. I must admit I am having problems liking this one: it is just so girly. I really don’t think it’s me at all. However, despite what Quantum Physics has to say about the subject, it is rare in the real world that observation actually changes an object, so I have stopped staring at it sulkily in the hope that it will not look the way it does, and moved onto April (as per the middle-to-both-ends plan of attack). Perhaps it is ok, in a group of 12, to have one girly picture?

September Fairies: 'Handbags at Full Moon'
September Fairies: ‘Handbags at Full Moon’

I think I have a bit of a love/hate thing with silhouettes in any case: they are so very black and I like to avoid proper black, but all the same they are intriguing. Maybe a whole calendar of just silhouettes next time? Not just fairies, all sorts of other creatures. At least it would stand a chance of being finished before the end of my personal deadline!

So, onto April. Little Arthur has just pelted in from the rain, and, standing inches from my prepared and stretched paper, given himself a good shake. Humph. Less than helpful. But at least he is a cat, not a dog, and therefore not so very wet in the first place…


  1. I like it. The silhouette month is a nice change from the color. And a whole calendar of many types of silhouettes would be way cool. P.S. “silhouettes” is a hard word to spell… if you can’t find it already written somewhere. (Thank you, Copy/Paste!) Heh-heh.

    1. Thanks Mgon! kind of caught me by surprise, that one, but yes, I think properly planned silhouettes would be interesting….

  2. A bit fairy-ringsy, but I like it because there’s a lot of movement.

    1. a bit Glastonbury, as they say around here… I thought the handbags would offset the effect, but they seem to have made it worse! Thanks though!

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