Just the briefest of posts, because I am still painting for all I’m worth to get this calendar finished. When I have not been painting, we have had guests, or an exhibition on, and when there’s been no distractions, I have been painting. Hence this blog has been short on posts. However I thought I should show you the picture for April:

Fairies always cheat at cards
Fairies always cheat at cards

Huge sigh of relief, after the girly ‘September’ picture, this is one I am happy with and I like the colours. I wanted to call it ‘Poker Face’ but not one of them seems to be any good at a poker face. So I may call it simply ‘Cheating at Cards’. Fairies would definitely cheat at cards.

And talking of cheating, I have an instant painting I think I will use for January:

Rubik's Cube
Rubik’s Cube
I know, I have one drawn out, but that was back when I expected to be doing them in pencil and gold leaf, and really, this fellow is much more fun in full colour.
So that’s a little fraction of time saved! Just five more to go, including the paintings with 10, 11 and 12 in them! (unless of course I am foolhardy enough to try to paint September again in time… I might, but no promises…).  Here is the progress on 10 fairies – the painting for October:
10 Fairies and a Pumpkin
10 Fairies and a Pumpkin

Right, back to work…!


  1. Ridley Holliday

    very erotic

    1. really? In view of some of my other pictures i would say ‘only slightly’… but then, I am used to my paintings… interesting… 😀

  2. Oh. I can’t wait to see October finished! Halloween!! Wheee!!!

    1. …painting…painting… 😀

  3. Fairies would definitely cheat at cards. My idea of them is taken from Christina Rossetti’s Goblin Market, Arthur Machen, and the fairies from Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell.

    1. Well, there’s a thing: I just read Goblin Market because of your comment, being mostly familiar with Christina Rosetti as an artist’s model for her brother! Had heard only bits of it before. Sneaky little things, make my fairies seem far too normal now! …but then the October Fairies may put that right.

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