Pumpkin Fairies

The painting of the October picture continues….

Pumpkin Fairies - work in progress
Pumpkin Fairies – work in progress

I am tempted to paint the whole thing orange after this initial ‘shading’ work – orange pumpkin and orange fairies as if they have emerged from the substance of the pumpkin. I made the inside of the pumpkin dark so that their faces would show up looking out, rather than have the innards of the pumpkin glow as in a traditional Jack o’ Lantern, as then I would have to paint all their legs and everything standing around in the pumpkin, which didn’t seem at all the sort of way it looked in my head. Anyway, you will see the results when I get that far.

I have never grown orange pumpkins myself, but spent several years growing long grey-blue ones that looked a lot like Hindenburgs, but without the tendency to explode. This year I grew broad-beans where my pumpkin bed had been. So no pumpkins… but at the last minute I couldn’t resist planting a couple of seeds of the last Hindenburg that we ate in about June.

This is a was a foolish thing to do unless I had taken steps to make sure that the Hindenburg was only pollinated by another Hindenburg and not a passing butternut squash or a courgette, which were also growing at the time, and sure enough what I have now turns out not to be a pure-bred pumpkin, but a Squmpkin. Half Hindenburg, half butternut squash. For a butternut squash it would be enourmous. Here is the biggest fruit with Arthur for scale:

Arthur and the Squmpkin
Arthur and the Squmpkin

Of course, there is know knowing whether this will be a tasty Squmpkin, or something horrible and bitter and not worth cooking. That is why this was a foolish thing to plant. But then, I frequently plant foolish things… All the same, Arthur is guarding it for me, against theft by Fairies. We no-longer have a rat problem, because Arthur ate them, so I shouldn’t think that a few fairies would present too much of a problem!

Arthur guarding against attack by Fairies
Arthur guarding against attack by Fairies


  1. that’s gonna make one great painting

    1. … well, I hope it will! Thank you for your confidence! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Woo hoo hoo. It’s looking so good. I love it already!

    1. Thanks! fingers crossed it actually comes out ok finished ๐Ÿ˜€

  3. Exploding pumpkins? I’ve just finished reading Jasper Fforde’s “The Fourth Bear” where cucumbers kept exploding. It was due to someone trying to harness cuclear energy! If you’ve not read Jasper Fforde, his books are similar to Terry Pratchett but set in an alternative Britain.

    1. Ah, well now, no I haven’t, though my dad has read some of his books (and went on at great length but it’s probably safe for me to read them now as that was some time ago and I have forgotten all the spoilers now!). But, whether Mr Fforde knows it or not, he did not invent the Exploxing Cucumber – they exist! I grew them a couple of years ago. They should be called ‘exploding achochas’ really, Achochas being a close relative of cucumbers, but not one that anyone has herd of here. Achochas are nice, though fiddly, the exploding sort did not taste nice and meant that I had to pick the tasty ones whole wearing saftey goggles! One year was enough for this novelty vegetable! Seriously, I am not making this up, here is a video I shot of them on youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dl9fJLiZexg&feature=plcp. They went off on their own with no provocation, but just never when I was pointing the camera in the right direction…

  4. Pumpkin Fairies looks done to me. Like the way you used one color.

    1. oh not nearly done! but you’re right, I always like the ‘blue stage’ too… sometimes I feel like stopping there, but usually I think colour adds to the final thing…

  5. I do like your depraved pumpkin fairies. Has the Goblin Market been working on your mind?

    1. oh yes, but too late for this series! This one was already set…

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