Pumpkin Fairies again…

I skipped life drawing today, on the basis that I was so busy that I would either like to relax (it being Saturday) or get on with some artwork that I actually had to do. Certainly not take a day off and do extra artwork…

As it turned out I have been hard at work painting. Here is the painting after its turn under the shower:

Pumpkin Fairies - work in progress
Pumpkin Fairies – work in progress

I have been getting on rather quickly at this point on account of using only three colours for the ‘colouring in’ stage. Now, many washes of more colour later and it looks like this:

Pumpkin Fairies - work in progress 2
Pumpkin Fairies – work in progress 2

Though the masks are not nearly as glaring as they appear and the background not quite so dark – probably should not have taken the photo in bright sunlight.

I have left the sky rather scratchy and un-perfected as unusually I rather like it like that. I also didn’t intend to leave all that sky on in the final framed version, it is merely there to make the design of the calendar easier, but I am beginning to like the odd proportions. Perhaps I will keep it like that.

It is starting to look a bit like an early Hellowen album cover, but I can live with that!

So, on with the fiddly details…


    1. Thank you! Finished now 🙂 will upload finished photos in a bit…

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