Finished painting: The Pumpkin Fairies

…and barely pausing for breath (though I did in fact pause to prune several small apple trees) I have another painting finished!

close-up detail of 'The Pumpkin Fairies' - painting in gouache
close-up detail of ‘The Pumpkin Fairies’ – painting in gouache

Click on the image and click again and you will be able to see it in quite some detail. Here’s the whole thing:

'The Pumpkin Fairies'
‘The Pumpkin Fairies’

It may be the picture for October in my calendar, but it seems very appropriate for the time of year we have now. Apparently we are moving into autumn without really having paused for summer. It’s that kind of time when there are strange fruits lurking in the garden waiting to be picked. The spiders are getting fatter, as are the pumpkins, and the fairies too. It puts me in mind of another painting, finished a couple of years ago, which may be appropriate at this point:

'The Flower Fairies go to Seed: Pumpkin'
‘The Flower Fairies go to Seed: Pumpkin’

It was one of my ‘Flower Fairies go to Seed’ series. A short series indeed, totalling only three so far. Sometime I must add to it, but I have enough fairies on my plate for the present.

So it’s on now to the next in my plan: three fairies for March…


  1. etcorngods

    Wonderful, thanks. George

    1. Thank you George!

  2. I like the overall cool & warm feel of the painting, but I particularly like the pop delivered by the masks, wings, and wine glasses. Excellent work. And congrats on finishing another month: Halloween… my favorite holiday! *wicked smile*

    1. Thanks Mgon 🙂 was a little concerned that I was getting a little carried away: these were, after all, supposed to be paintings I could finish within a couple of months (Ha Ha) … so I am pleased to have got another of the ‘big ones’ done!

    1. Thank you! 🙂

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