The Intrepid Explorer sets off…

…and I have reached November in the calendar paintings. Every painting is something of a journey, but perhaps never quite so risky an endeavour as this little fellow’s:

The Intrepid Explorer (detail)
The Intrepid Explorer (detail)

I have finished the ‘blue stage’ of this painting, next for the colour. More pictures will follow…

Remember, do not play with fireworks: always remember to hide inside a jam-jar to avoid nasty burns! That is all my advice for today, I have paintings to paint, and, as it happens, bonfires to light, but that’s quite unconnected.

The Intrepid Explorer
The Intrepid Explorer


  1. Oh, yaaay! This is gonna be so good. *jump & bounce* I can’t wait. Don’t you make me wait!!! LOL 😉

    1. Wait! 😀 … no, you won’t have to wait that long I hope, painting as fast as I can – still have December and February …and possibly September to re-do….

  2. Hiding in jam jars! Invaluable advice.

    1. Safety first! 🙂

  3. etcorngods

    Another Great one. I resimple him, The Intrepid Explorer ‘i I’m an inventer — never had all those naked girls, though Thsnks George

    1. Ah… you just didn’t invent things that naked girls like perhaps? 😉

  4. Thanks for the advice. I always liked to play with matches as a kid. Nice work!

    1. Quite right too… I did jewellery design at art school… you get to play with fire and melt things AND then get a masters degree out of it too. Bargain! 😀

  5. that is so trippingly awesome

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