The Intrepid Explorer: finished!

Fireworks!!! I have to admit I’m quite pleased with the way this one turned out, so I will let the pictures speak for themselves while I move on to the next one for the calendar. I have February and December left, plus that pesky September, which I think could be improved upon….

The Intrepid Explorer sets off on his Rocket. - painting in gouache
The Intrepid Explorer sets off on his Rocket. – painting in gouache

Here are a couple of close-up bits: the scan will show the painting in sharper detail but it will take a while until I have time to make scans of all 12 paintings. That will be a project in itself, since it will take 4 scans of each painting to get each one in, the scanner being only a little A4 beastie. Then the formatting with the dates and everything, and then I can finally get the calendar off to the printers. I am so looking forward to that! At least I am still enjoying the paintings, when they come out how I want them to…

The Intrepid Explorer- detail
The Intrepid Explorer- detail – artwork by Nancy Farmer
The Intrepid Explorer- detail 2
The Intrepid Explorer- detail 2 – artwork by Nancy Farmer


  1. Brilliant….just brilliant.

    1. Thanks Ziggy 🙂

  2. I love it! As i said the subject is so fascinatingly brash! And now i see the explorer is a guy 😦 pity.
    Why are all the others in the glass bottle?? Funny….great work!

  3. Thanks Ardy. Sorry to disappoint though! I was going for the archetypal mad explorer type, hence a bloke… though now I think of it did I hear on the radio last week they think they found the pace where Amelia Earhart crashed? Now there’s a suitable model…
    Anyway… they are in the glass jar as a safe ‘viewing gallery’ for when the rocket goes off. All except for the mad-inventor’s-asistant type (who presumably knows what she is doing) and the lovesick fan (who doesn’t care).

  4. Outstanding…Love what you’re doing with all your figures.

  5. Mgon ♥

    Wow. I love it! Lots of colors, softness, and action! A fun mix of things going on. I rate it 5 Flames up! …up! and away! 😉

    1. Thanks Mgon… it is a mixture – of random splodges amongst the careful detail. THink I rather like the combination though 🙂

  6. […] is my cunning plan for the background. In part, because I like the background of the November painting. But this one has go ground, no up, no down […]

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