Escher’s Crackers: part two

About time I gave you a progress update on this one, though there have been no startling changes to the painting yet, it has just got bluer and bluer:

Eschers Crackers: blue stage of the painting
Escher’s Crackers: blue stage of the painting

I’m about ready to add the colour on top now, having done just a little more work to it than this. These will be pale fairies, I think, with bright party hats and crackers, and just possibly an over-the-top multicoloured background, but we’ll see how that goes.

It is just as well I did not reach this stage yesterday, it was so dark and drizzly outside it would have been hard to get a decent photo to show you anything at all. I had a look outside, though, and there was one perfect rose in the drizzle, and as I have no further pictures of artwork to show you tonight, I am going to post it here… This is a rose with the rather soppy name of ‘Remember Me’, but planted for my dear little cat Boris, who met an untimely end, so it is appropriate. He was also orange.

Rosa 'Remember Me' in the drizzle
Rosa ‘Remember Me’ in the drizzle

So, now it’s back to painting.


  1. This is gonna be SWEET when it’s done. Can’t wait for the color! Sitting on pins and needles I am. 😉

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