The Fairy Calendar 2013 – taking orders now!

This is a post for those of you who have been asking, to let you know that I am now taking orders for the 2013 calendar. No it is not finished yet, but it will be finished in time, I promise! However, since Somerset Arts Weeks is almost upon us I now need to be actually compiling a list of orders… plus work will be even more interrupted than usual for the next 3 weeks, so now seemed to be the time to sort out the order page.

The calendars will be large, A3 sized ones on very nice sating-finished paper. £12 for one, or £9.50 each if you buy more than one at a time. Plus p&p of course, as they are quite heavy and I have specially ordered wide tubes to put them in. Scroll down below the image for a table of p&p to various destinations.

If you would like one, or more, calendars, please go to this page on my website: where you will find all the details, and please send me an email to order, rather than writing it in as a comment to this post…

And just to remind you, here are some of the new pictures:

pictures from the 2013 fairy calendar by Nancy Farmer
pictures from the 2013 fairy calendar by Nancy Farmer

Shipping and packing:
Here are the costs for shipping one to four calendars, If you’d like more, I can happily work out your costs! They will be shipped out in sturdy, wide postal tubes which have been made up specially for the purpose. I can get two calendars in a single tube but not more than that.

of calendars
in person
Shipped within UK
(1st class)
Shipped within UK
(2nd class)
to Europe
everywhere else
one free £3.90 £3.40 £6.02 £9.18
two free £5.50 £4.70 £8.42 £14.06
three free £7.00 £7.70 £14.04 £22.84
four free £8.60 £9.00 £16.44 £27.72

Any questions, queries, feel free to leave a comment or send an email… It has been a bit of a marathon, this calendar painting… it still is, but it WILL be done in time, the end is almost in sight! 😀


  1. lori gomez

    i most certainly want one but i live in the usa how do i purchase one? would like to buy last years calender too if available

    1. Hi Lori. I can ship one to the USA for you, that’s no problem except that as it’s a bit heavy the cost of shipping and the tube to put it in comes to £9.18, so the total cost for one calendar is £21.18
      If you send me an email to I can send you an invoice via paypal and you can then pay by credit card or papal account, or you can also use paypal just will a debit card or bank account but that takes a little while longer. Only thing i can’t do is cash or check from the USA. Anyway, send me an email and we can work something out!

  2. Well done! It has been wonderful watching this calendar come to life. Being all about the elf and other mischevious characters I’ve got have a copy. And all the best for Somerset Arts Week.

    1. Thank you Ziggy 🙂 shall I email you a paypal invoice? I don’t know what part of the world your in – tell me if you’re in the UK / Europe / anywhere else and I can sort it out. .
      …still two more pictures to be watching, when I finally get the time!

  3. The calendar is looking great. I have been away for a few weeks and seem to have missed lots of these. I think the fairy on the rocket has to be my favourite, but it is a tough choice – they are all really good.

    1. Thanks 🙂 Fairy on the rocket is one of my favourites, too, but I can’t help having a soft spot for pumpkins… I even have a monstrous feral one in my garden!

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