The Mad September Moon Dance!

The September picture is finished… again! This one is much better 🙂 though it seems I do have a slight difficulty with silhouettes. I am still uneasy about this one, but I like quite a lot of it:

The Mad September Moon Dance
The Mad September Moon Dance

I think the gold leaf moon is both a good thing and a bad thing! I like the shininess of it, but does it conflict with the purity of the monochrome silhouette? It is going to give me trouble in any case, because on the scanner it will probably appear a little flat and brown, so I’m going to see if I can borrow somebody’s camera so I can get a nice bright strongly reflecting moon for the print. (My camera was bought because it was tiny, cheap and could go in a rucksack without taking up much space and weight and worry!)

The moon is two-tone. If you are interested to know, the particular gold leaf I used for most of the moon is a gold alloy with the sweet name of ‘moon gold’! I was going to use red gold, but on its own, without yellow gold to offset it, the colour of red gold leaf can be a little ho-hum. The two-tone effect was unintentional, and expensive: a problem with using transfer leaf, which was all I had in moon gold, and a gold size (glue) that is excellent but works much better with loose leaf, lead to a sadly half-gilded moon, which I had to go over again with 24 carat yellow gold in loose leaf, in an increasingly desperate attempt to rescue the situation! So, two tone moon in moon gold and yellow gold… a happy accident.

This picture could simply be called ‘lunatics’ of course, given the origin of the word from the latin ‘lunaticus’, meaning ‘moonstruck’

The Mad September Moon Dance
The Mad September Moon Dance


  1. Jill Wells

    This is beautiful. I love the halo around the moon and the wonderful sense of warmth and fun. Fantastic!

    1. Thank you Jill 🙂 I once saw a halo round the moon like that, except the moon was much smaller in relation to the halo. It was absolutely stunning! Have seen a halo since then but never as bright as that one night.

  2. Oh I like this one A LOT. It’s wonderful. This would make for a great poster – a huge wall poster! 😀

  3. WoW !!! Sooo beautiful and magical !!!! I like very much the two-tone moon….it is like the real moon..!!!…and i also love the halo around it… but most of all i love your moonstruck fairy creatures….yeap..!!..lunatics is the appropriate word…!!!! :o)

    1. Thanks Mirsini, yes I’m quite pleased with the two-tone… it’s shame you can’t get gold or any other metal leaf in a blueish alloy, that would be cool too…

  4. This looks great. I like it more than the previous version. I also like the glow from the moon you created with the gold leaf – I actually think it enhances the silhouettes and is a nice touch of colour..

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