Does nonsense plus nonsense make sense?

…this is the question I am pondering tonight.

It comes about because I am thinking about the pictures for the 2014 calendar. Yes, you did read that right. Since the summer has been entirely usurped by the 2013 calendar, I have had no time (yet again) to prepare for another term’s worth of etching time, which is every Tuesday for the next 10 weeks or so, starting today.  I hate feeling that I have not given it my best effort, and I generally find it a bit dissatisfying making up pictures on the spot without some kind of little story, plot, twist, motive or what have you… and then I thought I could kill two birds with one stone (apologies to ornithologists) and print a series of 12 etchings that will become the calendar for 2014.

Ah ha, the start of a plot. And it will not be fairies this time, I have had quite enough of fairies for a while!  I fell back on another favourite: Medusa.

So: ‘A Medusa for All Seasons’… or something like that. This is the current plan for my calendar. And this time they will be etchings, and my idea is that they will be simpler images with fewer details but a strong design element… that is the plan anyway.

Here’s the first sketch I did: Medusa in October (or possibly November) with blowing snakes and leaves, though I think that it should be bolder than this… and she is looking down at a leaf in her hand, which unfortunately hasn’t come out well in this photo and she just looks smug! It needs a little work but I like the idea.

Medusa in October
Medusa in October

And then I thought of seedlings for March, and Medusa peering at them. And at this point I thought perhaps a series of Medusa nudes would be better. If I put her in clothes she is just going to look like a mad woman with snake hair unaccountably talking to the ground, somehow as a nude something more classical comes to the fore and I think by making less sense in ordinary terms it might start to work. But why is Medusa raising seedlings in any case?  That didn’t seem to make that much sense, either: that’s what normal people do!

So then I compounded the nonsense: She is raising snake seedlings.

So, you can see the reason for my question now: does nonsense plus nonsense make sense?

Medusa and the Seedlings
Medusa and the Seedlings


  1. I think it makes perfect sense. Medusa tending tomato seedlings or similar that would be nonsense! Lovely idea.

    1. oh excellent, well that’s what I thought 🙂
      …I just remembered, there is in fact a Medusa Chilli plant, though strange to say I’ve never grown them. (strange because I usually grow a couple of dozen chilli plants each year!)

  2. “… look like a mad woman …” Self-portrait?
    That reminds me, must send you some dosh before the calendars are all sold out.

    1. Nah, not me, it’s everyone else!
      Giving the computer a headache making the pdf of the calendar as I type this… Once I have an actual physical stack of them is when I will start nagging, and selling to first-comers, but you have a good couple of weeks till then, maybe more. Will let you know!

  3. Makes sense to me; hopefully it will make cents for you.

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