Medusa and the plums

It’s calendars all the way at present:  I have spent most of today and yesterday sorting out the ‘final details’ of the 2013 calendar, making umpteen variations of the file, each one of which needed just one little thing changing, and finally succeeding, on about the fourth attempt, to upload the huge file to the printers. I feel like I carried every little bit across the internet myself by now!

Meanwhile, I need to make some definitive decisions abut some of the images for the 2014 etching calendar, before next Tuesday, when I can get on with some actual etching work. So, moving rapidly on, here’s another of the sketches for the 2014 one:

Medusa and the plum tree (sketch)
Medusa and the plum tree (sketch)

This is to be the picture for August, probably. I had originally thought of the tree as an apple tree, but, so far as my ideas go, August would be better and it seemed a bit early to be eating apples…  I already painted a picture of a snake delivering an apple, years ago, so I’ll post it here for those who have not been poking around in the dusty old corners of my website:

'Nice Apple' - a painting from back in 2001 (detail)
‘Nice Apple’ – a painting from back in 2001 (detail)
'Nice Apple'
‘Nice Apple’

…painted about 11 years ago, so don’t judge it too harshly 😀

There’s a Garden of Eden thing going on here, but of course the Tree of Knowledge was not necessarily an apple tree at all. I believe the original story did not specify a type of tree, but that it was generally considered to be an apricot. Sadly, the idea of accidentally happening upon and eating the fruit of an apricot tree in England seemed so overwhelmingly unlikely as to present no threat at all, so when the bible was translated into English it became an apple tree. For those who believe such things, the tree could just as easily have been a plum tree. Myself, I think it’s equally likely that Medusa got there first and her snakes ate up all the plums…


  1. This is very ‘garden of eden’ like – Medussa tempting us all with a plum!

    1. Thank you! I thought of it as the snakes are feeding her plums, since it appears that she can’t move her head anymore… you way works too, though. I like ‘Medussa’ with a snakey ‘ssss’ in the middle of it. Was that a typo or intentional?

      1. thelinoprinter

        I would like to say it was intentional, but no a typo 🙂

        1. hmmm… a very good typo that I may have to use in the future then! 🙂

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