Back to School

I have come back from holiday so most of today has been catching up and paperwork. I did, however, manage another greetings card of the Spelling Animals, on account of another niece’s birthday:

The Spelling Animals
The Spelling Animals

I am not sure that Snakes and Ladders aren’t a little too easy, thought I have to admit, I probably should have put the curve of the capital ‘T’ snake the other way round as it is in danger of becoming a ‘J’. Perhaps Spelling Cats suited me better – they were more of a challenge.  However I am half way through the nieces and nephews for this round, so they will all get snakes and ladders this time or I will just get confused, and somebody will feel left out. After that, I shall be searching for another kind of bendy animal. Hmm… I wonderer if they all know what ferrets are?… or how they feel about rats?! Now rats would be fun!

Two days ago I was here:

Looking east to High Dodd, from near the top of Sticks Pass, Cumbria
Looking east to High Dodd, from near the top of Sticks Pass, Cumbria

And so it is will a bit of a thump down to earth that I find myself once again mired in calendars,  cards and baubles! The Calendars are finally on their way, and should be here on Monday, fingers crossed. I also have a brand new set of 6 very nice and very large A5 cards that I shall be putting up on the website as soon as I get round to it. Photos to come soon…

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