Musings… and my new greetings cards

It is true that this is in the way of a piece of blatant marketing, but what the hell, I spend a lot of time on this blog telling people how to paint as well, and so on… So I wanted to draw your attention to the fact that I have actually gone and ordered a little range of rather nice, rather large greetings cards. I am very pleased with them 🙂

They’re A5 – twice as big as my cards usually are, and here they are:

New A5 greetings cards by Nancy Farmer
New A5 greetings cards by Nancy Farmer

They shall be appearing on the website for sale, but, like all things about my hand-built website, it’s never that simple, so I am posting them here for the moment. Ultimately, you will be able to buy them from my shop, for now, just email me if you’d like to know more or would actually like to buy one…

It is years since I have had anything more than the yearly Christmas card printed (except for the dolls cards, of course, which are another matter entirely), and I have only 100 of each of these new ones, by way of an experiment. Perhaps once I have sold them I shall pick another few images and have another 100 of each. I am keeping the numbers down partly because the wardrobe is still full of the first order of cards, almost 10 years later. That was not 600, but 20,000 and for the abridged story of that episode in my learning curve, see my post: how to grow greetings cards from seed, (the title, I admit, is a lie, the rest is true). We live and learn.

The other reason for getting only 100 of each is I am not prepared to be a rep and go round selling to many shops and galleries… I have work in a couple of galleries, and I take part in the occasional exhibition, but in general I sell most of my work myself, from websites and through my own exhibitions and the like, sometimes simply by word of mouth. I am intrigued by better-known artists who seem to have cards and artwork in many places, and I wonder how they do it, and whether they employ people, or spend more time on the actual admin than I do, which is already more than I’d like. And, when it comes down to it, I may not spread my net very far, but at least I have control over what I sell and the quality of it. I am securely in the niche market, and I am quite prepared to stay there, as it allows me to paint just what I want to!

I would be highly interested to hear other people’s experiences of that awful gap between making the artwork and getting it into the hands of a customer, and how other people fill it… the gap is called marketing, I believe.


  1. Hi Nancy,

    Love the cards too!

    How much are they?


    1. Hi Ardy, I am thinking £3 each and £15 for the set (plus p&p). They are quite big ones! Also have smaller A6 ones here: They would usually have to be backed separately to the calendars, which go in tubes, so might be a bit of extra p&p on top, but I may be able to work something out if you wanted any, like see if I can send the calendars flat instead…

  2. I could well be tempted by the greetings cards. As for the calendars, do you have any spare? I thought of 2 more people who will enjoy them. This will clearly be a themed Yule.

    1. Yep, have spare ones at the moment. Should be no problem until at least the first weekend of Dec. when I have a christms event. Possibly I will still have them into January – I have had more printed than before. It’s a tricky thing to predict….

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