Two more Medusa plates

I am progressing with the Medusa Etchings for the 2014 calendar, but I have not printed any this week, only worked on the plates, so I thought I would show the plates to you, in case you thought I had been sitting on my hands, or something…

Two Medusa Plates - in dull daylight
Two Medusa Plates – in dull daylight

The photo above and below are the same two plates, in different light. I tried photograph them so you could see what was going on, and only one type of lighting has worked with each plate, but maybe it gives an impression of the real look and feel of these pieces of aluminium to see them in varying light, too. The top plate is going to be for April – Medusa in a shower of rain, the umbrella neatly shielding us from her gaze, of course. This plate still has shiny yellow stuff on it – which is, as it happens, acrylic gold size (the glue used to stick gold leaf down). It was my own discovery that it also works very well as a resist to the etchant solution, and dissolves off with hot water and a bit of washing soda (which also dissolves the acrylic varnish that the print workshop where I do my stuff usually uses as a resist). So once this is cleaned off again it will be ready to print from.

The lower plate shows Medusa with the autumn leaves – which will probably be for November. This one is clean already and ready to print with, but it is a much simpler image with no nice half-tones, so I am not sure if it will be quite interesting enough when printed out or will need a little more work. Only time, and printing, will tell in both cases…

Two Medusa Plates - in reflecting light
Two Medusa Plates – in reflecting light


  1. Valerie Evans

    Wonderful work, love it

  2. Good stuff! I’m also a Medusa fan. I received both the calendar and the cards, thank you, and the’re beautiful. May have to buy another calendar just to use. I’m gobsmacked at the quality – that heavy, fine art paper makes it a pleasure to handle.

    1. Thank you! Glad you’re pleased with them – they’re done by if you’re interested, who do pretty nice stuff. Reckon it also helps that I don’t use their templates though – calendars always come out a bit clinical when the picture is just plonked into the neat picture-space on each page…

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