Medusa, and the pumpkins on my front wall

Another sketch for the 2014 Medusa calendar. For October, obviously…

Medusa and the Pumpkins - Sketch for October 2014
Medusa and the Pumpkins – Sketch for October 2014

I like the idea that, because one cannot look at Medusa’s face without turning to stone, it is safer to look at her with a frightful pumpkin-head instead. But then, it seemed a better contrast, since she is apparently scary, to have her surrounded by frightful pumpkin heads, and her holding the only smiling one. If that makes sense. And if it doesn’t, probably the rest of my pictures won’t either…

The picture does in fact look very like the front of my house at present! This was the wall at the front yesterday:

pumpkins on the wall, getting a little moldy now...
pumpkins on the wall, getting a little mouldy now…

They have seen better days, and are beginning to look distinctly green around the gills! The second one along is mine – we went on holiday with all the nieces and nephews, their parents, my parents, and so on, and so apparently pumpkins had to be carved for Halloween. Curiously  I had never in fact carved a pumpkin before… I don’t recall they were around in large quantities when I was little – I did carve a turnip lantern once, which took ages, but I was probably twelve at the time…

My pumpkin had rather nice horns when he was first done:

Horned pumpkin
Horned pumpkin

Anyway, I am now considering how the drawing of Medusa and the Pumpkins will translate into a monochrome etching, and how all the darks and lights will fit in together. I could try sketching this but I usually find it better just to make it up as I go along, and hope for the best…! The pumpkin eyes and mouths should probably be glowing brightly, though, and the background in darkness. Something like this photo below, but with more visible details. And with Medusa, of course…

Pumpkins in the dark
Pumpkins in the dark

These are the same pumpkins as the first lot, by the way – I thought mine should have a smiley face and a glaring face, one on either side of his head… and I seem to have started a trend.


  1. Oh how fun. I love this! Yay. Can’t wait to see the finished product. *standing on edge* 😉 [It’s good to be back online. I’ve missed so much while moving.]

    1. Thank you Mgon! hope the move went well, was just thinking I’d not heard from you in a while.

  2. Where’s the photograph with your model for Medusa on the wall?

    1. I fear, John, that if I asked who would be prepared to sit naked on my front wall, the cause of art would probably not be furthered by the offers I would probably get 😉

  3. You’re right, there were not a lot of pumpkins around years ago…… I don’t remember celebrating halloween at all

    1. I remember something organized by the brownies once, with apple bobbing and the like, but there were no pumpkins so far as I recall… just turnips, if you had to have a home made vegetable lantern!

      1. And they were very hard to cut!

        1. yeah, but we were made of sterner stuff in those days 😉

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