Medusa, and how the rain got personal…

I printed another Medusa etching for the 2014 calendar series yesterday. I am not attempting these in any particular order, merely drawing them and creating  the etching plates as they occur to me. After March (spring seedlings, or snakelings as it happens), will come April Showers. Showers are of course traditionally what we get in April, even though the weather does its own thing regardless of tradition. Nonetheless this was a suitable one to be printing yesterday, as it rained, and rained, and had done so all the previous night too:

Medusa and Umbrella for the 2014 calendar
Medusa and Umbrella for the 2014 calendar

Etching is, as I may have mentioned, unpredictable, and I was aiming for a little variation in tone, and also a bit of light in the horizon. It has become rather more like November rain. But on the whole, I’m quite pleased with the effect (if one says nothing about the slight perspectival error with the umbrella…). Snakes enjoy a bit of rain…

Actually this was a pretty pleasing plate to print from, coming out remarkably consistently each time, which is not always the case. Often the difference between a good print and a bad print comes to a very fine judgement of exactly how much ink to leave on the plate before printing. But then, having got some rather nice consistent results, I thought I would see what happened if I did leave a lot of ink on the plate, streaked in the direction of the raindrops:

Medusa and Umbrella - with more ink left on the plate before printing
Medusa and Umbrella – with more ink left on the plate before printing

…starting to look a lot more like it did yesterday now.

And then I made this print:

Medusa very stormy weather
Medusa …in very stormy weather

Now it looks like the biblical rain we had last night. And so we come to where the rain got personal….

This is nothing to do with art, this is my house, when the wall fell off at around 9am this morning:

my house
my house

Um… It’s what is known as a cob wall. Of course I didn’t know that until today. It’s largely made of soil, and a year of rain and slightly cracked rendering (which we rather thought was over brick and stone, and so nothing too much of an emergency) and well… bit of a bugger, innit?


  1. See the first little piggy built his house of straw. And the second little piggy buillt his house of sticks. Eventually there was a little piggy (mistakenly called the Third) who built his house of stone. But there was a poetic, artistic (little known) little piggy who built his house of mud…

  2. Love the different effects you got by changing the amount of ink on the plate. Sorry about the wall though. Hope it isn’t too much of a nightmare to fix.

    1. Thanks! and yes the wall was a bit alarming, especially once they’d de-constructed all the unstable stuff… but it’s on its way up again, with additional artwork involved, so at least that’s something positive! More on that in a post coming soon…

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