Medusa in Autumn

Another etching print for the 2014 Medusa Calendar… I printed this one two or three weeks ago in fact, but have taken a little while to think about it. I have to admit I was not entirely sure I liked it when I first did it.

Medusa and autumn leaves - etching print
Medusa and autumn leaves – etching print

This was the one, if you have been following, where I forgot to reverse the drawing, several weeks ago now. And so the wind blows from right to left, which I had not intended… And then it is only black and white – no half tones, no shading. When I first did it I thought of working on it some more, adding to it, but what stopped me is the more I do to it, the more it will become like some of other pictures, and I quite like that it is different. I have actually used a range of treatments in this series of etchings to stop them looking too similar.

So, it has taken a while to get used to this one, but seeing the prints so far, which now total five, it makes quite a good contrast with the others.

I also considered adding colour as a possibility:

Medusa and autumn leaves - etching with watercolour
Medusa and autumn leaves – etching with watercolour

Again, not something I am quite convinced about yet. I shall probably have to wait till I have all twelve images assembled, and see if any of the others would work with a little colour or not. And so I continue… thinking…


  1. this artwork is gorgeous!


    1. Thank you Apu ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Love it….great composition.

    1. Thank you Hansi… yes, it was supposed to be the mirror image of itself, of course! But I’m getting used to it like this…

  3. Yes, this is amazing work again! Think you are such an all-rounded skillful artist!
    Will share with my friends! Happy New Year, ARdy

    1. Thank you Ardy ๐Ÿ™‚ and a Happy New Year to you, too!

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