Merry Christmas!

'Diabolical Dancing'

My apologies for the (almost) lateness of this post!
It has been a more-than-usually-full few weeks: several Christmas arts events, the wall of our house falling off (see the posts about the wall for photos, it was quite spectacular!), and Lurgy (early Christmas present from the nieces and nephews) has meant that everything had been rather last minute… even more than usual

So… huge sigh of relief! Tree up; guests in; presents wrapped; crackers made; wall back up; house generally liveable-in….
All that remains are a brief few seconds in which to wish you all a wonderful Christmas and the best of New Years, and of course to show you my latest Christmas picture: the latest in a 20-year-old tradition



  1. !!! Merry Christmas !!!

    1. Thank you Mgon, and the same to you, too! xx

  2. MEeeeeeeery Christmas Nancy !!!! Wishing you Health..LOve…and JOy !!!!! :0)

    1. Thank you Mirsini, and to you and yours, too! xxx

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