Vincent: portrait of a Retired Demon

…and his familiar, of course. There comes a time in a Demons life, when he is wont to retire from mischief-making and the persecution of the damned, hang up his pitchforks and grow runner-beans up them…

This is a portrait I painted for someone’s Christmas present. So I can post it here now, present having been received and, I believe, appreciated!

It’s Indian Ink and pencil over a wash of watercolour, with white watercolour applied with a dip-pen on the highlights.  Always open to suggestions for commissioned portraits, but this one was particuarly in my line of business: demons and gardening seem to sum up my existence nowadays!

Vincent: portrait of a retired demon - drawing in Indian Ink, with watercolour wash
Vincent: portrait of a retired demon – drawing in Indian Ink, with watercolour wash
Close-up of the same....
Close-up of the same….


  1. I love this. And Vincent is having far more success with his runner beans than I did this summer. But what I really adore is his little demon dog. I have a couple of skinny versions 😉

    1. Thank you 🙂
      Yes, my runner beans weren’t great either, though to be honest mine suffered partly from a lack of appreciation of how tall the broad beans might get (which did particularly well for me in the spring), and so got starved of light in their youth and took a while to recover… next year broad beans are going in a different place!

  2. Brilliant. Who knew that demons had a green finger?

    1. Thanks!
      ….demons much closer to understanding the universe than us humans… so probably pretty good at gardening 😀

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