Medusa at a cocktail party in etching and drypoint

Medusa comes out of the shadows!

I was quite pleased with my first experiment in drypoint… If you haven’t seen the previous post, I had an etching plate that just wasn’t… exciting, but in which I was trying to retain a large extent of the line drawing aspect of it, and was unwilling to etch more tone onto it. So I took it home and attacked it with a pointy tool instead… all over, but especially in the background. Here is one of the first prints taken from it before pointy tool attack: Medusa, at a sort of masquerade / cocktail party affair, and they are all…

Detail of the drypoint over the original etched plate

If all else fails, attack with pointy tool!

This is in the way of a progress report. I rather feared this was going to happen: I made some prints from my recent Medusa etching plate – the drinks party one, for December – and I’m a bit underwhelmed by them. Humph. Knew it. In trying to preserve the original line drawing I have a print that is kind of… boring. Lacking both in the ‘drawing’ quality of a proper line drawing or any real lights and darks to bring it out of itself. It’s possible that this particular composition might be better as a painting, but, this being…

Aluminium etching plate for the medusa sketch. Possibly needs a lot more work, but impossible to tell until I print from it.

“is she or isn’t she?…”

I have a sketch for the December picture for my Medusa Calendar! She is on her own all through the year (so far… I still have some months to fill in and i was wondering about a valentine’s theme for February), but December needed something jolly, I thought. So, here is Medusa at the Christmas Party: It’s a kind of Masked Ball affair. She would probably have preferred fancy dress, then she might come as herself – with hair like that Medusa can only come as herself. But then again, Medusa enjoys the occasional opportunity to be noticed – she…

Scarecrow Medusa - sketch two

Scarecrows and Fig Trees

Apologies for the break in service: I have been distracted by some rather industrial gardening whilst the weather is fine. However, a little update is in order as by next Tuesday I shall have to have something prepared for the first day back in the etching studio… so, on with the Medusa pictures. I had an idea that a scarecrow Medusa might be fun. September is a month I’ve not yet covered in the calendar, and so that seemed an appropriate month, too. This was my first sketch: There were the crows in the background, there was Medusa in the…

Nancy Farmer and Deckchair

Past Exhibitions: mostly pre 2013

Photos from recent exhibitions: List of past exhibitions Below is a list of exhibitions I have held or taken part in… this list needs editing to make it shorter and more readable, for the moment it has simply been cut and pasted from my main website so apologies for the state of it! ‘Theatre Of The Soul’ 17 January 2015 – 21 February 2015, Bridport Arts Centre. Group exhibition organized by David Brooke, and including the work of David Brooke, Tim Carroll, Nancy Farmer, Caroline Ireland, Irene Jones, David Lawrence, David Marl, Amanda Popham, Katarina Rose, Ian Rowden, Kate Walters….