Snakes in the long grass

Just a quick post, as I have another sketch for the 2014 Medusa calendar that I thought you might like to see. I have found it more difficult to get a grip on the late spring and summer months: May June and July. Perhaps the start and ending of things are more characterful. Even August was not a problem, because that is shading off into Autumn and fruitfulness (August has a plum tree if you haven’t seen it), but somewhere in the middle of the year I find the months a little indistinct.

So, this is probably the sketch for July, thought it could be June, well, frankly in this country and especially last year I don’t think it would have been any month, but here it is – Medusa and the Snakes in the Long Grass:

Sketch for: Medusa, and Snakes in the Long Grass
Sketch for: Medusa, and Snakes in the Long Grass

Not the best photo – I have lost the daylight – but I kind of like the glare of the lamp that I used to take the photo with – perhaps when I turn this into and etching I shall have a sunny glare above Medusa. For the present I have not quite decided how i will approach it as an etching, so that’s all I have to say, for now!

Detail of the Snakes and Medusa's face
Detail of the Snakes and Medusa’s face


  1. I can’t wait to see the finished calendar, Nancy. If you need a little inspiration you could check out the festivals on The Wheel Of The Year. e.g June has The Longest Day with its association to sun/fire festivals, May’s Beltain is kind of sexy… there are so many traditions something might catch your imagination xx

    1. Ah… Beltaine… nice thought. I was thinking vaguely of snakes round a maypole, though I’m not sure how that would really work…

  2. […] for the month of July (or possibly June, as both are currently free…). The sketch was in this post. It’s done by etching a deep texture into the plate where the figure and the grass is, and […]

  3. These are absolutely gorgeous and I am certainly looking forward to seeing the prints!

    You might enjoy watching this:

    1. Thank you! … and yes, very interesting video – I know what she means at the end where she says ‘it’s great… when it works, it’s great!’… that’s handmade printing for you!
      A couple of people where I go to print have been working with photoetching…I’m not sure it would be something I’d turn to as I already work from a drawing not a photograph, and to simply photograph a drawing to transfer it to a plate would seem a little wrong, but she creates some gorgeous effects in that video.

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