The waiting game…

Two more plates for the Medusa calendar, ‘finished’ and ready to print. Now, I enjoy etching, really I do, it appeals to my little techy brain, and although I usually paint pictures nowadays, a BA in jewellery and an MA in metals conservation in my past do suggest that I have something of an affinity for metals… But here’s the annoying thing: I have done all this work and I have no idea if the actual pictures that I will get to print on Tuesday will be any good at all. That’s the drawback with etching – you get to do all the hard work first, before you know if it’s been any good. So, I am waiting. Humph.

Two new plates for the Medusa calendar
Two new aluminium plates for the Medusa calendar

So, the pictures themselves. The top plate in the photo above is ‘Snakes in the Long Grass’ – my picture for the month of July (or possibly June, as both are currently free…). The sketch was in this post. It’s done by etching a deep texture into the plate where the figure and the grass is, and burnishing the surface afterwards to create highlights – the more you burnish, the less ink the plate will hold. The burnished bits become shiny, and I have photographed it at an angle so it catches the light and will give you an impression of what the final print will look like, I hope… It’s kind of a hybrid technique borrowing from Mezzotint, and a similar treatment to Medusa and the Plums – the August picture I did some months back.

The second plate in the photograph is my Scarecrow Medusa. This is more of an experiment than the other one. I had this plate half done for some weeks as I wasn’t sure about how to proceed with it and in the end I have done all of the detail of the corn and Medusa in the field entirely in drypoint. I first had a go at drypoint a couple of weeks ago, so I will make no predictions about how this one will come out, it might all be a mess! In this case, the very shiny parts of the plate are scratched-in lines and will print dark, not light, while the dark parts of the plate are etched surfaces and will print dark, too. Confusing, eh?

Here’s a couple of close-ups:

Plate for 'Snakes in the Grass'
Plate for ‘Snakes in the Grass’
Close up of the plate of Medusa as a scarecrow
Close up of the plate of Medusa as a scarecrow

So, I wait to see the results of my labours….

This leaves only June and February do to complete the calendar: I already have May up my sleeve, which I will show you in due course.


  1. Mgon ♥

    Yay! These are two of my mostest favoritest! 😀

    1. Thanks Mgon, but wait till you see the finished prints till you judge them! Fairly confident that the Snakes in the Grass will come out ok, but no idea what the other one will be like!

      1. Mgon ♥

        Okay. *sigh* I’ll wait. 😉 Are you going to be selling single prints of these – at some point – or only via the 2014 Medusa calendar?

        1. Hi Mgon, the calendar will be the only source of the pictures as digital prints but I I will also be selling a number of the original etching prints individually if you want a special one!

          1. Mgon ♥

            Excellent. Glad to hear it. Good news. Good news. =o)

  2. […] but in view of the beach, and not wanting too many reclining nudes one after another, I may make Snakes in the Long Grass become June, move Medusa and the Plums to July (clearly a different variety of early plum, […]

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