Two new Medusa etchings

Here, finally, are two more etchings for the 2014 calendar. These are prints from the plates I showed you a few days ago. Sorry, I made you wait a while, I’ve had guests staying and no time to post them!

Here’s ‘Snakes in the Long Grass’ – the picture for July (or June). The dark tones are produced by etching, and then the highlights on the figure, grass and snakes are put in by burnishing the aluminium to make it smoother again..

Medusa etching for July: 'Snakes in the Long Grass'
Medusa etching for July: ‘Snakes in the Long Grass’

And here is the Scarecrow Medusa. In this one the birds and twigs are etched, and the rest of the detail is done with drypoint (scratching into the metal). The good thing about this one is that I might get more prints out of it than the last drypoint I did (which made only about 6 reasonable ones) because although the drypoint quickly wears out I feel that the cornfield could stand to be quite a lot lighter than it currently is anyway. The figure of Medusa began to get fainter as I printed the first few of these, but I can re-draw her fairly easily, even if I have to strengthen some of the outlines after every four prints or so.

Medusa etching for September: 'Scarecrow Medusa'
Medusa etching for September: ‘Scarecrow Medusa’

So, I am left with February, May (which I already have a sketch for), and June.


  1. these two etchings are wonderful! I’ve never seen such a beautiful scarecrow 🙂


    1. Thank you Apu! 🙂

  2. Wow !!! Lovely art as always !!! I like both very much !!! Medusa’s etching for July is wonderful and your scare crows are wonderful too !!!!
    Kisses ! 🙂

    1. Thank you Mirsini! 🙂 xx

  3. Mgon ♥

    I’m happy to see they both came out so great. Congrats! And yay for us, your fans! We ALL win!!! 😉 😀

    1. Thank you Mgon! I’m a bit relieved that the scarecrow one came out ok… bit of a step in the dark 🙂

  4. simply love your art…keep posting.Thanks for the incredible share.

    1. Thank you Rajat! 🙂

  5. these are fantastic! i’ve never tried etching, looks interesting.

    1. it’s fun, though can be unpredictable! You do need quite a lot of equipment, though – sort of thing that is better to go to a print workshop where they have everything already there…

  6. claire

    well that’s next years calender sorted! fantastic as always!

    1. Thank you Claire 🙂

  7. Just found your site – I love all the Medusa paintings, but this one is particularly lovely. I’ve not tried etching, though I’m a great fan of lino block printing. Have you tried that at all?

    1. Thank you Mic 🙂 No, not really tried lino except one morning taster thing… not enough to have a proper go at, I’m afraid. I think that it might not suit me much, though – I like too many tiny details!

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