The Artist , the Plagiarist, and the Medusa Paintings

A cautionary tale.

This is a true story. Once upon a time there was an Artist. She was not a rich artist or a famous Artist, and only a few people had heard of her, but she didn’t mind that because some people had heard of her, and some people loved very much the paintings that she painted, which were very unusual. And she painted a lot of fairies, but even though she lived very, very near to Glastonbury, the home of all the fairies, even the people there said her paintings were unusual, even the fairy paintings. And she was content to be loved by a few people and ignored by many.

"Medusa's Gimps" - copy (left) and original (right)
“Medusa’s Gimps” – copy (left) and original (right)

And she also painted pictures of Medusa, and these were even more unusual. She had such strange ideas about Medusa that there was not a person that she knew who painted pictures like her pictures. Even in the mystical sprit world of the InterWeb, which was so much bigger than the Real World, were there no pictures like her Medusa paintings.

And then, one day, as the Artist was dreaming amongst the pictures of the InterWeb, she suddenly espied pictures that were not only like her pictures of Medusa, they were her pictures! They had been painted by an Evil Plagiarist! Because the Evil Plagiarist was not very skilled, they still did not look very much like her paintings, but all of the Artist’s Friends who saw them knew they had been painted by an Evil Plagiarist, and they were angry, because the Evil Plagiarist said that the pictures were all her own ideas and that she was the one who had these unusual ideas. And she had changed hardly anything in the paintings apart from adding some mice. And the mice were not well painted either.

"Medusa in Venus Bedroom" - copy (left) and original (right)
“Medusa in Venus Bedroom” – copy (left) and original (right)

Well now, the Artist and her Friends pondered what to do, and because they were all quite Sneaky People they did not at first accuse the Evil Plagiarist of her crimes, instead, one of them wrote to her through the InterWeb, and he said he liked very much the paintings that she had done and enquired of her where she had got the ideas for them. And the Evil Plagiarist lied, and said that it all came out of her own head. Then did the Artist and her friends decide that the Evil Plagiarist had had her chance to admit her crimes, and did declare that the gloves were off.

They knew that, by the law of the land, the Evil Plagiarist had not been so evil in painting the pictures, but in admitting that the ideas came all out of her head. In this she had Lied, and she ought not to have said that. The painting of the pictures was indeed a Sneaky Thing to have done, but in those days the Law had become a Twisty Thing, and would not care about the Evil Plagiarist’s paintings.

And they knew, also, that if the Artist and her Friends stole the likeness of the Evil Plagiarist pictures, and placed them on the Artist’s blog, then the Artist herself might be in Big Trouble, because of the Twisty Thing called the Law, which might say that this was stealing, even though Normal People would say the Artist was only taking back what was hers.

"Bathtime" - copy (left) and original (right)
“Bathtime” – copy (left) and original (right)

But then the Artist had an idea, how she could tell the people of the InterWeb about the Evil Plagiarist, and pay her back her Damn Cheek. She kept to herself the name of the Evil Plagiarist, and placed only the images of the Plagiarist’s pictures on her Blog. And that would have been against the Twisty Law if the Evil Plagiarist said she must remove the images. But she told the Evil Plagiarist that if she was asked to remove the images from the Blog, she would do so straight away, but that, instead of the images she would have to show the people of the InterWeb where to go and find the images for themselves, and then the name of the Evil Plagiarist would all be revealed and people would see the Evil Plagiarist for the Lying Bitch that she was.

And so the Evil Plagiarist had to decide whether to remain nameless and be laughed at, or whether to claim her rights and reveal herself, and then be laughed at.

And thus was the Evil Plagiarist shafted.



Excuse the style of the above, I seem to have come over all sixteenth century. However, the following points may be of interest which would not fit in my original story…

1. I would like to make it clear that I absolutely don’t have a problem with people taking inspiration from my artwork. What gets  me is someone blatantly copying it and then claiming it for their own idea. You may have noticed that the painting of mine that I called ‘Medusa in Venus’ Bedroom’ is a parody of the Rokeby Venus, which I pointed out, when I first posted it on my website. All the same, I have done rather more with the original idea than just adding a plate of mice and re-painting the gimps pinched from other pictures.Likewise I have known other people paint pictures that I might have done, but didn’t. These paintings I actually did paint!

2. Some things Ms Plagiarist actually said:
“They are straight out of my head and that is the “PG” version lol”

“I think many people dont [sic] get the humor behind my Medusa series-she is the Ultimate Femme Fatale…”

“This painting is one of many in my “Medusa”, which will be show at a few galleries at the […] I chose Medusa as my main subject because she is the ultime [sic] Femme Fatale…”

3. I have not, at time of writing, pointed Ms Plagiarist to this little tribute to her talents, but I intend to at the right time, and thereby complete the story I have written. When I do, I shall give you an update, if there is any. In the meantime think of this as a work in progress, and feel free to express your own opinions.

4. Ms Plagiarists paintings are on a website for sale for $900 each
….if anyone would like the originals, I will match the price 😉

5. You may think that Ms plagiarist invented the pubic snakes, that she puts on her rendition of ‘Bathtime’, where I simply have a painting of a winged demoness. She didn’t… while I have no proof, I imagine she picked that one up from another painting of mine:  ‘Medusa in Modesty‘ (see below the postscript).


For reasons which will become abundantly clear in the following chapter of this blog, I would now like to state that the name of the Evil Plagiarist is a certain Wendy Marani a.k.a Wendy Marani Hall. You can continue the story in this post:

Postscript II:

Please do not send any emails to about Wendy Marani’s paintings being displayed on their site. They know already and are dealing with it and the offending works will not be there for long! Additionally, you will quite soon find my own work displayed on ArtID – I would like to show my support to the ArtID team, whose integrity is matched only by their enthusiasm in running a great art site. They were right on this issue straight away (and over a weekend, I might add) and I am very, very impressed 🙂

'Medusa in Modesty' painting in gouache
‘Medusa in Modesty’ painting in gouache



  1. aremraf

    Verily, O Artist, hast though done a great, amusing and creative thing here! Can’t wait for Chapter the second!

    1. well thank you, Kind Lady 😉

  2. I think you are quite wonderful and it would be indeed a very brave plagiarist who would ever take you on if she knew what was good for her – she obviously underestimated your considerable powers or indeed knew nothing about you at all!

    1. Awww, thanks Diane, and no, I imagine she did not do her homework! xx

  3. Forsooth this Evil Plagiarist speaks many untruths indeed, for it is plain for all to see that the Evil Plagiarist does not have the talent of the Artist. $900? Hahahaha!

    1. He He! thank you kindly for your appreciation kind Sir 🙂
      …or kind Lady, for I cannot tell from thine avatar!

      1. Ah, ‘ware the kelpie for it has a fearsome bad temper! 🙂

        1. Ah ha… then I think perhaps it is ‘Kind Lady’, for I never heard tell of a Gentleman Kelpie 😉

  4. I adore your work and these copies are terrible! She is very brave or very stupid!

    1. Thank you! I’m not going to guess which she is, possibly she is both… I think she also thinks that copyright doesn’t cross the Atlantic, which may have a bearing on your original statement, now I think of it. 😀

  5. Ruthie

    If she were going to be a plagiarist the least she could have done was be a good one. $900?? Does she actually have customers or fans? Sloppy work and sloppy morals, evil plagiarist!! Very uncool to steal another person’s work!

    1. Thank you Ruthie. 🙂 Secretly, of course, I’m quite pleased that they are very bad, I would be quite upset if they were good copies!

  6. Wow, that’s some cheek. Plagiarists really are the lowest of the low!

    1. …yes, and yet apparently also the ‘sincerest form of flattery’… I am not flattered! Though given the quality, I am kind of amused…

  7. Lorraine

    Oh dear, at first I thought perhaps a very liberated primary school had been using you an an artist to study….. are you sure these were ‘painted’ by an adult? I think sometimes we parents need to consider the damage we do to our children when we tell them they can be anything they choose and do anything they put their minds to. There had to have been a point when the evil plagiarist’s parents should have just said, “hunny, you can’t paint, try something else”.

    1. Ha Ha Ha, yes, sadly she is 47, and also been through US law school, mind you, so (meaning no offence to any US lawyers reading this blog) may have a more flexible view of the truth!

  8. Sabine Lenz

    A life without own ideas ist so sad and boring. I love your work :-)))

    1. Thank you Sabine 🙂

  9. O M G!!!! Die Plagiate sind wirklich mies…Ms Evil Plagiarist…please…do! not! paint!!! (maybe you should try…knitting???)

    1. Ha Ha! oh maybe not knitting, too many sharp things 😀

  10. One might debate which is worse… the outright effrontery of the plagiarism, the attempt to deny it, or the actual quality of the attempts! A show of hands from the audience reveals…

    Oh, it’s a tie!

    1. 🙂 prizes all round, then!

  11. Matilda Aya

    I wouldn’t give those paintings a second glance (and I adore Medusa), much less take the time to read what the artist had to say about them. 😉

    How I wish I could afford to take you up on your price match offer!

    1. Awww, thanks Matilda 🙂

  12. Blimey – so blatantly stolen and such poor versions. Well done for finding them and revealing all 🙂

    1. Thank you Fiona! The funny thing is, it does make a good story and she’s done more to boost my blog tonight than if I had painted one decent picture! 🙂

  13. fairytasia

    Good evening artist.

    Once upon a time, many eons ago, there were a girl and boy who, upon a summer’s eve decided to partake in some evil games. Gameplay involved drinking alkifrol in copious amounts. Such fun twas said game they developed a rather large case of hysterical and uncontrollable laughter. To attempt to put a stop to this diabolical show, cheese buns were ordered in the hope of perhaps soaking up some of the magical giggle juice that had, as aforementioned, been consumed in cipious amounts. Alas all this achieved was almost instantaneous giggle juice enhancing and said cheese buns were spat out without any control! Unto this very day this ridiculous event of times past remains one of the most hysterical moments for the girl and boy. However, upon reading this blog, the girl is certain that should there be a cheese bun in sight, it would be duly ejected from her mouth with equal gusto. Once the girl set eyes upon evil plagiarist’s painting badly by numbers pitiful attempt, the uncontrollable laughing fit returned once again. Thank you evil plagiarist for making the girl, and no doubt boy once he’s seen your dire scribbles, laugh so hard it rivalled the cheese bun story of yesteryear. I bid you goodnight kind, talented artis and friend x

    1. Ha Ha Ha, I am sniggering already at the thought of the hapless cheese buns, which surely were blameless in this escapade :-D. And you are indeed right, I have the Evil Plagiarist to thank for a most high degree of hilarity and many, many views of my blog and artwork. ‘Tis an ill wind, as they say 😀
      Good night, too, my equally talented friend xxx

  14. Mgon ♥

    This kind of evil p!sses me off to no end. I don’t have the words for it. May this Plagiarist’s wickedness come back on her ten fold!

    1. Oh she has done me a very good turn already – never had so many people visiting my little corner of the internet. It is becoming quite funny!

      1. Mgon ♥

        I’m happy to see that some good is coming of it 🙂 and you have a great attitude. *hugs*

  15. $900? The best laugh of the week! How much is she charging for a full calendar of them?

    1. He He… Nancy Farmer: The Plagiarist’s collection, now there’s an idea!

      1. Just a thought. Is there any evidence that anyone has actually forked out $900 for any of her”art works” (I use the term is its loosest form!)?

        1. Mgon ♥

          If they did, they are insane! Her art is total crap. LOL

        2. No, I don’t think so, John… just lonely, deluded pricetags!

  16. But yours are original and fascinating hers are so badly painted I suspect she will never ever sell any I await part two!

    1. Thanks you Pat! I can only assume that she is going for the ‘touchingly naive’ look 😀

  17. Following you was worth it lol, awesome post, the originals are great too I hadn’t even seen them yet.

    You handled the situation quite perfectly though.
    Had it been me I would have shat bricks, or gotten a stroke.
    Please continue to make amazing art so that I may see it when I creep my followers


    1. ha ha! thank you!… I may have to up the ante a little, she has announced her ‘new’ painting in progress… another of mine… scheming now 😉

      1. In a way you can kinda take it as a compliment :p
        you’re her Van Gogh

        1. I tried… and if she had once acknowledged any ‘inspiration’ rather than going on repeatedly about how they had all been from her own imagination this would have come out differently for her!

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  19. They are not even remotely good copies!!!! 😦

    1. I know… it’s almost funny. Well it IS funny, but since her stated intention is to do more (of my) pictures, I am trying to do something about it

    2. I’m so tempted to do an Escher GIrls-style redraw of the plagiarist’s attempts at copies of actually good work. Or, y’know, a portrait of the plagiarist in her own style. I think I am just about good enough a scribbler to be up to her standard (plus I know better than to rip off other people’s work (poorly) and attempt to pass it off as my own idea).

      1. oh, that would be so funny, a portrait in her own style, just the thought is hilarious – do post if you ever do it 🙂

  20. I have the same problem too. Also people taking my images and sticking them onto stuff and making jewellery out of them and calling them ‘their ‘ work with never a thank you very much. One woman, when she was caught out, used all the right language to a friend who enquired, saying she liscenced work from the artists etc… then when I confronted her she babbled on about being a poor poor person who didn’t know.. oh dear, and now her husband was shouting at her and she hoped i was happy. I wasn’t. Hope it works out ok for you.

    1. I am very sorry to hear that Jackie! It’s just unacceptable behaviour and I hope her husband did bloody well shout at her :-/

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  22. SERedgrave aka Catspaw

    Pretty much everything that has needed to be said, has. Except this. When I moved from the San Francisco Bay area to ‘the country’, I knew I was not moving to a area seething with culture, but I needed to get away. And when folks up here say,”Art? How can you be interested in Art? It’s just a bunch of pictures, and they all are pretty boring as far as I can see.” The end of his nose would be my guess. And if they only knew how un-boring it was. My best wishes for a satisfactory conclusion, and may the full power of Karma find her where ever she is. ‘Nuff said.

    1. Haha, thank you! And oh dear, your neighbours sound a boring lot! Strange though – I live in the middle of the countryside in deepest darkest Somerset (south west of England where it is mostly green stuff), and really people do come out and love to see stuff. But then again, if they were not interested in art, I would not get to meet them…

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  24. […] The Artist, the Plagiarist and the Medusa Paintings Part 1 […]

  25. Hi people, many, many thanks for your support! Just one thing: please, please don’t email ArtID – they have had rather a lot of emails sent on my behalf and the matter is in hand… They are as upset about this matter as I am, and they don’t need any more emails! Again, thank you for all your comments and forwards! xxx

  26. Your pictures are barking mad, in a truly great and mythological way. I love them. Hers are just drivel, dull and without a spark of humour or talent. May the Medusa turn her to stone.

    1. Haha, thank you! I take Barking Mad as a great compliment 🙂 Personally I think my pictures are logical, but when I tell people that, they do give me that barking look!

      1. It was intended as a compliment!

  27. […] the continuation of a tale of woe and wrongness as detailed in parts one and […]

  28. Fi Everitt

    Hahahahaha. Well said. What a brilliant story! I read about this in the Central Somerset Gazette. So glad you squished the Thieving Bitch. What a Cheeky Cow. I am very much looking forward to seeing this episode immortalised in your paintings. I reckon you should pretend to buy one of hers for a laugh. Maybe send some Monopoly money. Evil. Xx Fifi

    1. Hello Fi 🙂
      pleased to see you spotted it – i have only seen it on the website as yet… She is currently totally in denial about having to remove the pictures (apart from from the one site that so far gave her an ultimatum) – i am working on the other stuff, but meanwhile it’s getting my art seen around all over the place – could never have planned such a piece of publicity if I had tried! xx

  29. Amy Sego

    Hello Nancy, please email me, I’d like to discuss this matter. I don’t want to do it on a public domain. Sincerely, Amy Sego

    Wendy, if you happened to see this…I’m struggling with the right (and proper) words to say here to display my utter shame and embarrassment. You have sunk to a new low that (thank God) Mom is not here to witness, because this would surely have put her in her grave!

    1. Hi Amy, sorry for the delay in approving and replying to you comment, I was on holiday and far from the Internet! I will email you. My email is mail@nancyfarmer by the way, but I will drop you a line now…

      1. Mgon ♥

        Welcome back from your vacation, Nancy! I hope you had a revitalizing, relaxing, and reinspiring* time 😀 [*Yes, “inspiring” works better but I was going with three R’s. Heh-heh.] 😉

        1. Thank you, Mgon! I walked up mountains and ate and drank a lot, actually, but that is much better than relaxing 😉 …though I did indeed do some of that too.

          1. Mgon ♥

            Oh sounds very nice. I could do with drinking a lot (now and then) LOL. Happy to have you back safe and sound. Have a lovely day and productive week. *hugs*

            1. Thank you! you too 🙂

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