The Artist, the Plagiarist, and the Medusa Paintings: part 2

Upping the Ante

…continued from

Now the Artist, pausing before revealing to the Evil Plagiarist what she had done, did browse once more the Evil Plagiarist’s utterances upon YeFacebooke. (The Artist and her friends were, I did mention, right Sneaky, and had some time past tracked down the Evil Plagiarist upon YeFacebooke and had verily been keeping a Beady Eye upon her).

And it should be said that the three paintings that the Evil Plagiarist had painted, were done in the year of 2011 AD (and some more mice added upon a time perhaps in 2012 AD). And since that time it seemed that the Evil Plagiarist had painted but one more Medusa painting, and it was not copied from one of the Artist’s paintings, and that one was right bad, even more than the others.

However, it happened and ’twas only Last Night, that the Evil Plagiarist did write and post many more things about her Medusa Paintings on YeFacebooke. And she did upload the same paintings all over again, and she did ask for comments, and she did say that she was indeed painting many more Medusa paintings. She did also say that she had, verily, a wonderful sense of imagination and when the Artist read that she knew that it was right Bollocks.

But the most important thing the Evil Plagiarist did say was that the next painting would be about A Day of Bad Hair for Medusa, where she would try to dry her snakes with a Hairdryer. And the Artist was right irritated when she read this, because she had indeed painted that picture also:

Medusa and the Hairdryer - painting in gouache by Nancy Farmer
Medusa and the Hairdryer – painting in gouache by Nancy Farmer

And though the Artist did paint this picture over a decade ago, yet it is verily her Biggest Seller in prints upon that most noble website, and many people have been right amused by this one.

And so did the Artist think to change her tactics and did decide that it was time for the Naming and Shaming of the Evil Plagiarist, and to this end has she made amusing placards and posted them around the InterWeb. And she would be right pleased if her Friends and the Followers of her humble Blog could aid her in forwarding these placards to all of their friends and so on until the Evil Plagiarist is indeed Named and Shamed.

And the name of the Evil Plagiarist is Wendy Marani

And yea verily is the Ante right upped!


Ye Placards:

By all means feel free to post wherever you like, and here are some links of the ‘placards’ that you might like to share:

Painting by Nancy Farmer, plagiarism by Wendy Marani 1
Painting by Nancy Farmer, plagiarism by Wendy Marani 1
Painting by Nancy Farmer, plagiarism by Wendy Marani 2
Painting by Nancy Farmer, plagiarism by Wendy Marani 2
Painting by Nancy Farmer, plagiarism by Wendy Marani 3
Painting by Nancy Farmer, plagiarism by Wendy Marani 3


1. I would be delighted if as many people as feel they are able to, might generally pass and post these pictures around, and ask their friends to. If the paintings were only a little worse, they might even go nice and viral, like that ‘restored’ one! It is, really, the only real weapon I have against this sort of behaviour…

2. Some things Wendy Marani, a.k.a Wendy Marani Hall, a.k.a.Ms plagiarist actually said yesterday:

“… still working on the series, the next will be “Bad Hair Day” with Medusa trying to blow dry her snakes….lol”

“I was curious to see if any of my new friends have an opinion/critique of one of my paintings….These are a collection of paintings that have inspired me and come from my love of Mythology, the power of being a woman, and just a wonderful sense of imagination, with a surrealistic influence…maybe I would like to rewrite, through my art, or modernize the story of Medusa (one of my many muse’)….anyway, I try to use subtle symbolism. Please let me know your opinion even if negative. Please notice how her slaves are wearing leather/latex masks so they will not turn to stone, as she wants them around for awhile…Also notice Perseus framed in the background…and she is wearing his winged shoe… I believe this is a very powerful statement. Thanks in advance.”
[Reading this, I think she must be starting to believe herself!]

“I just luv her rubber duckie in this one, it sort of humanizes her….”
[Note: the rubber duck was also my invention,though the original painting featured a demon, in my recent drypoint print Medusa now has a hybrid rubber snake-duck, which is rarer.]

3. Below are a few more picture of Medusa having trouble with her hair-snakes, just for your amusement as this post is a little short on new pictures this time… oh and in case Wendy Marani, a.k.a Ms plagiarist would like a little more choice!


Please do not send any emails to about this woman’s paintings being displayed on their site. They know already and are dealing with it and the offending works will not be there for long! Additionally, you will quite soon find my own work displayed on ArtID – I would like to show my support to the ArtID team, whose integrity is matched only by their enthusiasm in running a great art site. They were right on this issue straight away (and over a weekend, I might add) and I am very, very impressed 🙂

Medusa's Comb - etching print, detail
Medusa’s Comb – etching print, detail
Medusa's Comb - etching print, 2010
Medusa’s Comb – etching print, 2010
Medusa's little Red Dress - coloured pencil over gouache
Medusa’s little Red Dress – coloured pencil over gouache – another drawing from a similar vintage to Medusa and the Hairdryer (2002)
Medusa's Ribbon - etching print, detail
Medusa’s Ribbon – etching print, detail
Medusa's Ribbon - etching print
Medusa’s Ribbon – etching print, 2010


  1. Brilliant! Thank for brightening up a wet Saturday morning and well done for hunting her down. As a teacher, i can use this as an excellent example of plagiarism in my classroom. So thank you for that, too!

    1. oh please do 🙂

  2. Ulla Holmer

    I can’t believe that she has had the nerve to do this to you. I am appalled! I am impressed with the dignity you show in dealing with it.

    1. Thank you Ulla! I must admit I have got a bit evilly gleeful at spreading her pictures around, too, but humour does make an excellent weapon!
      lovely to see your comment on my blog, too xxx

  3. Wendiekins

    OMG Nancy!!! This woman’s (?) efforts are just laughable! I cannot understand how anyone can attempt to delude others let alone themselves that their ideas were original ones… Her ideas my arse! LOL will gladly share but have no doubt… There really is no comparison… & its obvious to anyone thats knows your work as to who the true artist is here x
    I don’t usually comment on things like this but I really cannot abide this sort of thing :((

    Apologies to Ms Plagiarist if you are in fact just a 15 yr old doing a GSCE art module… But I think public consent will be handing them back saying “must try harder” .

    1. Nope, she is a 47 year old law graduate who should know better! Thanks for your support, wendy xx 🙂

  4. justine bonner

    I think you are handling this situation with the all the humour, grace, wisdom and skill that is a joy to behold in your work!!!!
    She sucks and so does her pathetic copies……
    Carry on creating and painting in your extraordinary way and kick that Wendy whatsherface into touch once and for all and keep outing her til she get the message!

    1. Thank you Justine 🙂 I shall!

  5. thought provoking and very well executed,…unlike the mimicks,…. they say that being copied is high praise, but not when its your work being stolen and abused…Miss Morani needs a wake up call!

    1. Thanks Dave… I think she may get one today… I hope so!

  6. I’ve made a post on Tumblr about it, if people want to reblog, etc:

    1. Thank you Emma! i am about to post it to Facebook 🙂

    2. thanks again for the post on Tumblr, Emma! finally had time to have a proper look at it, it’s been pretty hectic all day! x

  7. Re-shared the story on G+ where your Evil Plagiarist has an account but I don’t know if it’s active as we can see a plagiat only in his avatar. Nice universe you paint anyway, glad to have discovered it today.

    1. Thank you Xoth! Yes, I only just discovered that one myself, but I got my own back – I have just registered and redirected it to this blog 😀

      1. Well played!

      2. Mgon ♥

        Hah-hah. Too excellent! Good on you. Clever you!!! 😉

      3. Excellent move! I wonder if she will be enjoying the scrutiny as much as you have 😉 I like the idea posted earlier in this saga where you might plagiarise her work in return. If you paint them with your feet whilst blindfold I’m sure the similarity would be stunning…

        1. HaHa… feet! :-D… I actually quite liked the one idea of the plate of mice, but i don’t want the idea now, it’s not from a good home! And, well, she did explicitly ask for critique… you should, as they say, be careful what you wish for!

      4. thank you both 😀

  8. kathy adams

    I was looking at the picture that Nancy does and I still think they are great-I do have some of her work.
    The others, the only thing I could think of was it was a kid doing the pictures, or someone who should be going to art classes for the next 25 years.

    1. Thank you Kathy! I believe she is actually 47, so she really should know better, but sadly probably will never learn now!

  9. It’s actually rather astonishing that, given the internet is everywhere and the world is absolutely no longer a big place from the perspective of communication, that Ms Marani could actually have any serious expectation of her acts remaining undiscovered.

  10. Dave Lynn

    Her website asks for comments……I have given her some!

    1. Yes, I saw that, indeed she might get a few after this!

    2. oh, and thanks 🙂

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  12. Mgon ♥

    Great! I’m more than happy to help spread the word about this fake!! She is a major joke!!! Fortunately, Wendy Marani Hall is very easy to find via Google. On her Facebook page she comments on one of her plagiarizer paintings saying: “This painting is one of many in my “Medusa”, which will be show at a few galleries at the Art Basil event in Miami Beach. I chose Medusa as my main subject because she is the ultime Femme Fatale…” [October 4, 2011]

  13. I particularly like the etchings of Medusa – they seem altogether more classical than the paintings and remind me of drawings by Mantegna. I agree that the plagiased paintings are below standard for a 15 year old – and believe me I have seen a lot of 15 year old GCSE work.

    1. Thank you Ernest! To my shame I just had to google Mantegna and am now terribly flattered. Oh to be that good… but then again maybe not that good and that long time dead already!

      1. Unfortunately Americans often seem to think the UK is a source of non copyrightable material – there was that US Senator whose name I cannot remember who stole a speech given by Neal Kinnock at the Labour Party Conference. He didn’t get away with it and suffered public disgrace. However the trade is not all one way …JK Rowling and Ursula LeGuin… nor is it always external Alex Hailey Roots and The African…nudge nudge I say no more…

  14. Nancy, my dear Nancy, oh how I chewed your ear off with praise when I first came across one of your works, your outrageously wonderful, “Devil in Sheep’s Clothing”, and then began such fun e-mail correspondence with you. As you’ll recall, I was so in awe of your artwork, that I purchased a full collection of your artwork cards and had such delightful times going through that mass of cards ~ taking delight in each and every one ~ and actually reflecting on the cleverness and talent that went into creating each one – yours, and yours alone! As you’ll recall, I even asked you if displaying some of your cards at my flea market table that month — along with a copy of your photo, website information, and contact information — would be okay by you. You graciously thanked me, I recall, for my wanting to do this. I, on the other hand, was more than happy to as I always loved anything unique in life, and your creative ‘spin’ on things, your gifted imagination, and your artistic talent are just that … unique! Wouldn’t I have been rather selfish to not want to share you with others?

    Nancy, my dear Nancy, again I’ve chewed your ear off! Just so happy to have ‘stumbled’ across “Devil in Sheep’s Clothing” when I did — you might even be laughing if you’re now recalling that story — which then opened the door to my having had the opportunity to view all your wonderful work, being able to purchase from you, and — most of all — my being able to communicate with someone as nice as you from “across the pond” and speaking of you to others as “my artist friend”. Much love and success to you, Nancy.

    Warm regards,

    p.s. In light of current events, I have an idea for a possible new art work by you, should you be so inclined
    Much nspired by your “Devil in Sheep’s Clothing” work, I’m envisioning another which could — quite appropriately — be entitled “Redemption”. Your “Devil in Sheep’s Clothing” would need only to be slighted tweaked, with her now possessing somewhat softer facial features and a humbled look of sincere regret on her face, now kneeling in a church confessional, admidst a scattering of ripped, strewn, poorly-plagarized Medusa art works at her feet — with one tear rolling down her face as she seeks forgiveness. / credentials can be used.

    1. Oh Melanie, that is such a great mental picture! It would be sooo funny. And yes, i remember the conversation: you can chew my ear off any time with your enthusiasm and warmth 🙂 I hope all is well with you and thank you so much for stopping buy to comment and add your support! x

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  16. Hi dear Nancy ! I just also red your previous post and i’m shocked by the audacity of this lady ! Except that she is drawing awful i believe she is a crazy woman!
    Are we serious ?! I believe that you should sue that beach ! There is no way she would ever win the Law suit !
    I ADORE your unique art and i’m very pissed off about it ! I will definetely spread this through my blog !
    Many kisses to you Nancy !!! 🙂

    1. Thank you Mirsini 🙂 …as to suing, I am not sure I can as i think that would be on the basis of loss of earnings, and her paintings are sooo bad I think she is unlikely to sell them – so I am taking the other route of trying to make sure it becomes obvious what she is doing. There is an up side: so many more people are also seeing my pictures this weekend, too!
      And yes, it is slowly becoming apparent that she may be a bit unhinged…

  17. Can’t wait for Part 3 In which the Evil Plagiarist is confronted by the Noble Artist…

  18. Mgon ♥

    I’ve been posting all over the place, with links to these blog posts, of course….,, –>

    1. Oh wow, thank you Mgon, that’s so coo! xx

      1. Mgon ♥

        I find this kind of thing reprehensible, so I am happy to help bring and end to it ASAP by spreading the word about the Evil Plagiarist’s deplorable actions. We, your fans, love you, and want justice for you! You are a wonderful person, deserving of happiness and many blessings. As you can see, we are behind you 100%!!! *hugs* 😀

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  20. Hi people, many, many thanks for your support! Just one thing: please, please don’t email ArtID – they have had rather a lot of emails sent on my behalf and the matter is in hand… They are as upset about this matter as I am, and they don’t need any more emails! Again, thank you for all your comments and forwards! xxx

  21. Can’t wait for the next update!! I am dying to find out her response!

    1. unfortunately her response at present is to say nothing at all, Tina, which would not make a very good post! She has vanished from but they might have taken her off themselves…

  22. Cameron

    You can also find ye evil plagiarist here: only 500 for the picture this time!

    1. Yep, found that too, but thanks! I have emailed the administrators but there is a note on their site to say they are away for a week and will answer any enquires on Monday…

  23. Dave Lynn

    Her execrable offerings are still on dislplay on ArtID on her husband’s site (Don Hall).

    1. Yep, noticed tonight, Dave, but thanks – I think she things ‘moving’ is the same as ‘removing’… they will be gone very soon as the ArtID people are pretty annoyed with her – they gave her 72 hours though, so waiting till then.

  24. Dave Lynn

    Hah! Gone from husband’s ArtID site…..can imagine (with suitably restrained glee), a spot of marital stress!

    1. Oh you are indeed right, Dave! jolly good 😀

    2. Mgon ♥

      Yay! 😀

  25. Good job she’s a law graduate because artist and original thinker she most definitely isn’t. Obviously the only thing she has absorbed from her law degree is the silent defence ! From a morale perspective I have to say – its no defence.

  26. […] « Previous / Next » By Nancy Farmer / March 13, 2013 / Medusa, Random thoughts, Uncategorized / Leave a comment […]

    1. She SAYS she is a law graduate, Jan, but then she also says she is an ex-playboy model! Thanks for the comment 🙂

      1. She also SAYS she’s an artist!

  27. Fi Everitt

    I went into Facebook and sent messages to the E.P. complaining about her theft and also made an intellectual property complaint to Facebook’s legal team. Disgraceful. Some people have no sense of shame. Harumph.

    1. Ah,,, a few people have tried that to little effect, but thank you for adding your voice 🙂

  28. Just think of it as a form of flattery,so many have tried to be a copy The Masters, we all know the real thing when we see it!

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