The Artist, the Plagiarist, and the Medusa Paintings: part 3

'Medusa in England' - a painting as yet not plagiarised by Wendy Marani Hall
‘Medusa in England’ – a painting by Nancy Farmer, as yet not plagiarised by Wendy Marani Hall

Letters, Lies, and the Noble Game of Guestbook-Baiting

Being the continuation of a tale of woe and wrongness as detailed in parts one and two

Dear friends, news was promised… and so here is news, though of a scant quantity: The Artist was greatly wroth not only that the Evil Plagiarist had copied (with most lamentable skill) three of her best Medusa Paintings and claimed them as her own ideas, but that the same person also proposed on YeFacebooke to paint a fourth. And so the Artist bethought her of a plan most Cunning and most Simple.

To this end the Artist did write an account of the tale, as ye have already read, and did ask all of her friends and the friends of her friends to tell others about this story so that the Evil Plagiarist might stop her evil work. And she did write to the Evil Plagiarist herself, and she did write also to the owners of Ye Online Gallery, who were wroth also, when they heard of the Evil Plagiarist, and they did also write to her.

The Friends did reply with hearty enthusiasm, and did spread the word far and wide on YeFacebook and in many other places. The Evil Plagiarist replied not at all. However, it happened also that the Mother of the Artist, being passing cunning in the ways of Ye Local Press, did write also to them, telling the tale, and then a fine Lady from Ye Local Press did write to the Evil Plagiarist, and the Evil Plagiarist did indeed answer that one.

The Evil Plagiarist did say to the fine Lady that it was a Done Thing, that she had already removed the pictures from the world of the InterWeb, and she did also whine that she was disabled and that the Artist should leave her alone, as she was but a poor Plagiarist and unfit to cope with such stress.

The Artist, her Friends, and the fine Lady from Ye Local Press did believe this to be right Bollocks. And further were there complaints from the Artist’s Friends that even if she was disabled that was no excuse to tell such Big Fat Lies, and did one of the Artist’s friends offer to hit the Evil Plagiarist with her Crutches. And they did point out, also, that far from it being a Done Thing, the Evil Plagiarist’s pictures were still on the InterWeb as much as before.

For the Evil Plagiarist, being not Bright, but perchance believing that she was, had not removed the pictures from Ye Online Gallery at all, but she had instead moved them and put them under the name of her Husband, and this was right dumb and obvious.

Now, it so happened that each and everyone on Ye Online Gallery possessed their own Guestbook, and so did the Friends of the Artist begin to leave messages for The Evil Plagiarist on the Guestbook of the Plagiarist’s Husband.

But, no sooner had a message been left, than it did disappear again, as if by magic! And then did the Friends know that the Plagiarist’s Husband must be firm glued to his Computer, removing the messages each and every time that they were Posted, and that would have been right annoying for him. And this became a Good Game, for the Friends found that if they were exceeding quick about it, then could they post a message and take a Screenshot of the message in the Guestbook before the magic happened and the message disappeared. And then did the Friends post the Screenshots opon YeFacebooke. And it was right funny and did continue until the Plagirist’s Husband did remove the Evil Plagiarist’s pictures from his pages.

And thus was invented the noble game of Guestbook-Baiting.


The Artist would like most warmly to thank all of her Friends, and the Friends of her Friends, and Fans, and passing browsers of the InterWeb, stray cats and dogs, and so on, for overwhelming support, and for the mightily efficient posting and re-posting of this tale. It is now almost impossible to miss this little story when searching, say, for a one Wendy Marani. Despite this, she seems to think that none of this applies to her, and has apparently not yet realized that merely removing the offending images from all of the websites will result in the Artist ceasing to bother her. (Of course some damage may be hard to undo for a while, but that is between her and the Search Engines).

It would appear a fourth chapter in this saga may be required, until then, the following items may be of interest… The Artist hopes you are enjoying the reading!

The actual emails:

First email to the Plagiarist (a.k.a. Wendy Marani, or Wendy Marani Hall):

“Hello Wendy
There is no polite way to put this, so I will be blunt: You are a plagiarist and a liar.You are painting a series of Medusa paintings and calling them your own ideas, and as you and I both know they are not. I know this because I painted the originals. It is not even true to say that your paintings are inspired by my artwork, they are for the most part simply very bad copies. Changing a couple of details does not make them original artwork.I would not have taken this tone had you at any point acknowledged me as the original author of the paintings, but you did not, you time and time again have claimed that they are all your own inspiration. You have no artistic integrity at all.

I would also not have bothered with you so much had you stopped at the three appalling copies of my work that you have already done, but a couple of days ago I see you also posted on your facebook profile about your ‘new’ painting that you are working on, the description of which is another of my paintings. I strongly suggest you do not paint any more.

It is possible that you are incredibly naive, and think that there is nothing wrong in what you are doing, so let me explain: many real artists put their heart and soul, time and imagination into their creations, and strive to create their own original work, and to make a living from what they are doing. And what you are doing is attempting to steal that work from them. I suspect that, considering the extent to which you have been plagiarising me, none of your paintings are your own work and they are all stolen from other artists’ works.

I would like you to remove all your Medusa paintings from the internet, and understand this: I will do my best to remove them for you if you do not. There are now considerable numbers of images and posts around the internet comparing your artwork to mine, and two blog posts concerning your behaviour on my blog:
If you wish to know what other people think of your behaviour, you need only read some of the comments that people have left. In addition, if you go to or you will find that these domains go straight to my blog posts about you.I have also noticed that you have used my actual image without acknowledgement or permission on your Google+ account. This is an infringement of copyright and I will invoice you for the use of that that you have already had, and I suggest you remove it immediately to avoid further invoices.

Nancy Farmer”

Reply from Wendy Marani (a.k.a. the Evil Plagiarist) to Mid Somerset News:

“I have already removed my pictures that toy[sic] think are similar from art id….will no longer show them..please leave me alone, I am disabled and cannot deal with this you will not see those pics anymore.”

Here is the article on, the website of Mid Somerset News Group:

Second letter to Wendy Marani Hall (a.k.a.Wendy Marani, the Evil Plagiarist)

Please note, I have removed the links to specific pictures on, because I am actually (and always was) on very good terms with them and, to show my support and considering they now have a shortage of medusa paintings, I am about to open my own gallery there, so naturally I wish to remain on good terms with them!
I have emailed the other site mentioned below – Art-3000 – but according to the news items on their site their entire support staff are away this week until next Monday (I suspect it is quite a small outfit!) so I am not expecting a reply from them until then.

“So, Wendy
your excuse is that you are disabled is it? Does this mysterious
disability prevent you from:
a. Apologising, and
b. Being able to tell the truth?
Here are some places where your pictures are still on ArtID
(Yes, we noticed you had moved them into your husband’s gallery, that is
not the same as removing them):
[4 links were listed – see note above]Here are some on your Facebook profile
(making your profile ‘private’ does not hide the photos):

Here are some on another gallery site
(who I have also emailed but they are currently away for a week. If you
like, you could same them the embarrassment of having to contact you by
removing them before they return):

This one is actually my painting.
(for which I am going to invoice you, as I said before):

And here is what you said to my local paper:

In anticipation of an actual reply this time, if your disability allows it.
Nancy Farmer”


  1. I think it can truly be said that Ms Marani has disproved the old adage of “there’s no such thing as bad publicity”…!

    1. yep, following in the shoes of Mr Ratner and his prawn sandwiches, and just as fishy!

  2. Bwahahaha!!! What a complete tool she is! Funny how she doesn’t remotely look disabled in her photos, although it might explain her inability to dress herself(!) and how wonderful that her disability does not prevent her from “painting”!

    1. On the subject of dressing, I think she simply thinks there is rather less of her than there in fact is, Tina. We can tell from her ‘paintings’ that she has no sense of proportion πŸ˜‰

  3. Mgon β™₯

    She is “disabled” in that she lacks the ability to live in Reality, spending all her time in Denial Land, and specializing in Theft, Deceit, and Lies. What a sad work is she. And now, obviously she’s trying to play the “Poor, poor, victimized me” card. Hah! Oh-boo-hoo. **tiny violins play in the distance** LOL

    1. …very tiny…very distant πŸ˜‰

      1. Mgon β™₯


  4. I don’t rate your chances of a reply from the delusional one. “Na-na na-na… I’m not listening and you can’t make me… na-na na-na” .

    However, I did enjoy reading your email to her. πŸ™‚

    1. thank you Dave… and no, you are right, but sometimes a finely-crafted letter of complaint can be its own reward πŸ˜‰

  5. You know, looking at the other pictures in Wendy’s Facebook album, I recognised some of the other artwork she has ‘created’… and these are not even forgeries, they are just stolen images from the web.

    ‘Black Spiral Kiss’ by Wolff Bowden – original at (7th row down from top of page)

    ‘Forest of Rest’ by Wolff Bowden – original at (3rd row up from bottom of page)

    I wonder if Mr Bowden knows that she has pinched his images and claimed them as her own (“its about a dream I had and I painted it last Saturday right when I woke up from the dream” she says of ‘Forest of Rest’)?

    Fishy. Very fishy…

    1. OMG! you are right, Luna, well done for spotting these! I think an email to Mr Wolff Bowden is in order!

    2. And Oh my gods, is this girl stupid or what? She made her facebook profile extra-private, just yesterday. So, we’re not looking today are we? No, of course not, we have forgotten already!

      1. Mgon β™₯

        I know! Wait. What were we talking about? LOL

  6. Quite astonishing to think this woman is in denial of the whole mess and simply moving things around, convinced that she’s done nothing wrong and falling back on the “poor me” story.

    Keep pursuing it Nancy. I’m glad the media is involved. Perhaps you may like to send her a press clipping… πŸ˜‰

    1. nice idea, maybe inserted into a greetings card of one of MY paintings πŸ™‚

  7. Fascinating tale and I love the way you have written it! I took a look at Wendy’s FB page — I’m aware that many disabilities are not obvious but she seems very active and fit. For example, on July 12th of last year she says she ran 10 miles (among many other activities like dancing, fishing, performing, etc that she has pictured)
    I look forward to keeping up with your story.

    1. I think her disability is that she is either highly deluded or a pathological liar. I’m not sure what the difference is and if either of them can be called a disability, though…. In certain professions they are probably entry requirements πŸ˜‰

  8. I’m really curious to know if she actually sold any of her sloppy pilfered work. If she’s got fans have i got a deal for them! I have a framed crayola drawing of Humpty Dumpty from my youngest son’s kindergarten classwork. He’s wearing a top hat and has flippers instead of feet! $900!! Come on Wendy fans! Mama needs a new pair of high heels! Wendy, you make me sick. When one is caught behaving badly the very least one does is say, “I’m sorry.” My youngest son knows that. he knows that stealing is wrong. He knows that flippers make Humpty interesting because he thought of it. On second thought, Humpty isnt for sale. He’s staying on the foyer wall. Maybe someday i can add a Nancy Farmer Medusa next to him and Nancy, just so you know, I think you rock!

    1. Mgon β™₯

      Eh-heh-heh. Too funny!

    2. Thanks you Ruthie! and I would love it if one day one of my paintings was keeping company with Humpty in flippers! πŸ˜€

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