Wendy Marani: The Love Rat of Plagiarism

“I thought I was special, but now I’ve found she’s been plagiarizing around!”

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but what’s a girl to do when she finds she’s not the only one being flattered? This is what happened to UK artist Nancy Farmer, extensively ‘flattered’ by Florida ‘artist’ Wendy Marani. Nancy’s friends found Wendy so interesting they took to the internet, to find out what else she had been up to. They uncovered a sorry tale of broken hearts and empty promises.

let’s remember the original fling Wendy had with Nancy’s Medusa:

Painting by Nancy Farmer, plagiarism by Wendy Marani
Painting by Nancy Farmer, plagiarism by Wendy Marani

There were more, but this is Wendy at her most ‘flattering’. ‘It is kind of edgy but that is me‘ claims Wendy. Well now it seems there is more to Wendy than meets the eye. Her multi-faceted character is just as happy lounging on the Australian beach with a certain Mr Gerard Kearney as cosying up with Nancy’s Medusa. Here is another of her ‘original’ works:

Painting by  Gerard Kearney, plagiarism by Wendy Marani
Painting by Gerard Kearney, plagiarism by Wendy Marani

(Gerard’s painting: http://ko-ka-nuts.com.au/gallery_beach4.asp and Wendy’s painting: http://www.art-3000.com/picture/?iid=95269)

And now, the love rat of plagiarism dumps Gerard in a fling with Wolf Bowden, under the moonlight. Look what she got up to in the bamboo:

Painting by Wolff Bowden, plagiarism by Wendy Marani
Painting by Wolff Bowden, plagiarism by Wendy Marani

(Wolff Bowden’s gallery: http://www.winterlings.com/Winter%20Gallery.htm and the painting: http://www.winterlings.com/100_7488.JPG Wendy Marani’s painting: http://www.art-3000.com/picture/?iid=95158)

And, we gasp, what is Wendy up to with Sherry? Has she swapped parteners again?

Alas, no, Sherry Harig got a raw deal, we think, as Wendy didn’t even get her paintbrushes out for Sherry, this was merely a virtual fling. Think she wouldn’t do that? Think again! Look at this:

Painting by Sherry Harig, plagiarism by Wendy Marani
Painting by Sherry Harig, plagiarism by Wendy Marani

(Sherry Harig’s painting: http://www.yessy.com/sherryharig/gallery.html?i=31041)

Wendy Marani claimsMy new watercolor painting “Banana Tree” 16 x 24‘. She even has it for sale in this gallery: http://www.art-3000.com/artist/?id=5159&s=1…We can only hope she has in fact painted some kind of painting, or the purchaser is going to be very disappointed… but then again, maybe it is for the best if she hasn’t painted anything!

The tale of Wendy’s ‘virtual flatteries’ goes on, with the picture by Gerard top left here http://ko-ka-nuts.com.au/gallery_beach5.asp  she has cut and pasted and put up for sale here: http://www.art-3000.com/picture/?iid=95268 displaying an ability with stolen images to rival only her ability with the paint brush! Now Wendy is stringing Wolff along with the good old cut-and-paste:

Painting by Wolff Bowden, cut-and-pasted by Wendy Marani
Painting by Wolff Bowden, cut-and-pasted by Wendy Marani

Wendy says ‘it looks really awesome‘, yes, Wendy dear, that is because you didn’t paint it 😉 This one is in Wolff Bowden’s gallery right here: http://www.winterlings.com/ArtWolffGalleryofGiants.htm

Perhaps Nancy Farmer can console herself with the thought that at least Wendy has put a little more effort into her flattery of Nancy’s paintings, than into some others.  At least Wendy got her hands dirty for Nancy!

(If you missed the full Wendy Marani story, you can catch up here: https://nancyfarmer.wordpress.com/wendy-marani-plagiarist/)


  1. Blackbird Gallery

    It gave us all a laugh, but really!
    I guess that people with sad empty lives and/or no imagination and little intelligence or talent are now more easily able to copy or hijack the lives of better adjusted people. With success comes the price of the crazies LoL

    1. Yes suppose it does… though while it’s much easier to copy stuff now, it’s also much easier to get caught, which is a catch that seems to have escaped her notice!

    1. turn that smile around: got to see the funny side of it, really! The woman is completely hopeless…

        1. much better! 🙂

  2. Well, bless her heart… She’s trying, isn’t she? Nice to see her challenging herself by promising precise copies.

    1. yeah, it I had unlimited money I would be tempted to buy one of the ones that don’t exist, just to see what she would do about it!

      1. I imagine you would just miss it as it had Just been sold!

  3. Appalling. This woman is a common thief.

    1. kind of, though a common thief actually ends up with something of value, or that is the theory… she’s just completely barking!

      1. I like the love rat title 🙂

        1. Thanks! it was an awkward one to write – too many links and chasing up of images, but I was pleased with the title too 🙂

  4. She sure does have some imagination!!! Living in her own little world! Grrrr!

    1. …there’s a thought, Tina – she should paint how she sees the world, might be interesting. Except that she can’t paint of course.,..

  5. This must be an hallucination… Unbelievable…

    1. I know, makes you wonder how many other people out there are like her, or is she unique?

      1. I’m afraid she’s not. I saw some people having their work stolen on FAA, and sold… The thing is that it can’t be hidden for long, so what’s the deal in long term?

      2. Jessica gaynes

        No she’s not unique at all. Its happening to me.

        1. oh no Jessica, I do hope your plagiarist is as bad as mine!

  6. Hi Nancy, it seems Plagiarism is rife everywhere – see this article about China brazenly doing it: http://www.theartnewspaper.com/articles/China-gets-creative-with-copyright/29228

    1. Hi Fiona, sorry not to reply – been on holiday! Yes. must admit it doesn’t surprise me of China – have some inside knowledge here – but it’s still very sad.

    2. Jessica gaynes

      I accidentally clicked dislike and I cant undo it! I’m Sorry!!

      1. Don’t worry! 😀

  7. Gerard Kearney

    Hi Nancy, Sorry I haven’t spoken sooner. You brought this horrible woman to my attention months ago. I have been trying to copy her work. The only way I can achieve this, is by inserting a paint brush in my dogs rectum. Backing him up to a blank canvas and feed him energy drinks. Unfortunately I failed. Because the dog managed to pull off better artwork than Wendy. You may notice my website is down, as I`m busy preparing a new one. I have joined redbubble and can be found there. It`s free to join and your art can be printed on almost anything. By the way, love your stuff Nancy. Cheers. Gerard

    1. LOL Gerard, I am sure that your dog can achieve more useful things! Eventually I gave up trying to show her up for what she is in the end: she either is VERY VERY stupid, or she just likes the attention, or more probably both. She seems not to have tried to ‘paint’ anything lately anyway. Good luck with Redbubble, never tried that but was trying to remember the name of it the other day so thanks for the reminder! Love your stuff too, hope you have lots of success! Nancy

  8. Some of my best ideas come to me in dreams. If a copycat went as far to say they came up with it in their own dreams, this to be is the lowest they could go. Glad you exposed her.

    1. Thank you! Interesting… I can’t paint my dreams, that would be far too confusing. I have ideas when I’m out running (probably when the brain is slightly starved of oxygen 😉

      1. I read an article on MEDIUM yesterday – and the did a study – best creativity when drinking BEER (which I should have yesterday cause my writing groove was off!). Thanks, Cath

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