The Naked Masquerade: part 4 (finished!)

The Naked Masquerade is finished. Apologies for making you wait! I have been on holiday, and then I had some catching up to do… Here – finally – are a heap of photos.

Usually a scan shows off my paintings better, but the scanner, while it’s great for showing detail in the painting, flattens out the gold leaf and does not do it justice. So, I apologise for the lack of sharpness in the details, I shall get this on the scanner and then on my website, one day… in the mean time, isn’t the gold shiny? 🙂

Painting in Prussian blue gouache, and 24k gold leaf…

The Naked Masquerade 1
The Naked Masquerade 1
The Naked Masquerade 2
The Naked Masquerade 2
The Naked Masquerade 5
The Naked Masquerade 6
The Naked Masquerade 3
The Naked Masquerade 3
The Naked Masquerade 5
The Naked Masquerade 5
The Naked Masquerade 4
The Naked Masquerade 4


  1. Marvellous – the Prussian Blue is perfect with the gold.

    1. Thanks Rosie! It’s my under-painting tone for everything I paint, it’s just that usually you don’t see it in this way in the final thing…

      1. It works beautifully. I love Prussian Blue, I use it a lot in printmaking

        1. Prussian blue is the most useful colour ever! 🙂

  2. Lee brookes


    1. Thank you, Lee 🙂

  3. etcorngods

    Nancy You are so incredibly talented — thanks. George

    1. thank you George! 🙂

  4. Since it’s only April, does wanting to order my 2014 calendar count as wishing my life away?

    1. possibly, John, but you would actually be third on my list of people putting in orders so you are among company. Besides, I actually did the pictures already!

      1. I may shop around this year. I understand there is a young lady in the US who does some interesting work … 😉

        1. hahahaha! Yes, but her style is very variable, for some unaccountable reason 😉

  5. Mgon ♥

    So cool! So shiny! So much detail. So much covered up! Heh-heh. Where’s the unedited version? *smirk* As usual, you do stellar work. And as usual, I be very impressed! 😉 I particularly like the cats, hats, and masks. I raise my coffee cup to you! I don’t do that for just anyone. You’re one special lady 😀

    1. Thank you Mgon 🙂 I am getting to grips with cats i think, slowly. Used to struggle with them: all that hairyness masking the form, and that’s odd, because I have handy models lurking about all day, sometimes actually on my desk.

    1. Thanks Christian! 🙂

  6. beautifully done!

    1. Thanks Melanie 🙂

  7. Beautifully drawn and coloured, and … just funny.

    1. Thanks 🙂 I can’t do art without humour!

  8. Wow..Nancy !!!!! Your art is amazing !!!! I like so much prussian blue with gold and i love every detail of your naked masquerade !! Well…i love all your are so talented !!!
    Kisses !! 🙂

    1. Thank you Mirsini! kisses to you too 🙂 xx

  9. Mgon ♥

    Reblogged this on Mgon ♥.

  10. What a fabulous piece of artwork!

    1. Thank you 🙂

  11. Loving this the blue and gold combo is very effective – well it was good enough for the Egyptians !!

    1. HaHa, good point, Mandy. THanks 🙂

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