Drypoint Nudes

With a bit of luck I will print these tomorrow. These are the drypoint plates that I mentioned in the last post, the prints from these are (I hope) destined to become some nice little coasters, featuring drinking nudes. But at this point I have no idea how well my plates are going to print… oh what fun is printing 😉

Drypoint nudes on aluminium
Drypoint nudes on aluminium
Drypoint Nude
Drypoint Nude

The photo above shows one of the aluminium plates, and the tip of the pointy tool wot done it. Below you can see better what I am using. This is not designed for this purpose, it’s a leftover from my goldsmithing days. The holder is what I would call a pin chuck, though often wrongly called a pin vice, and the pointy bit in the end is what I would call a burr, also known as a frazier. The white bit on the end of the pin chuck is masking tape, in a vain attempt to make long hours of use a bit easier on my fingers. The burr has a tear-drop shape end, made of hard and quite brittle tool steel, and designed to go into a high-speed pendant drill.  It is designed to be used to cut on the edge of this bit, not the point, and not at all to be used in the way I am using it, but aluminium is soft, and these are expendable bits if you break them, and they have a lovely fine tip so you can see exactly where you are going to make your mark. So it works just fine for me! (You can get this stuff from H S Walsh, if anyone is interested: http://www.hswalsh.com/ )

Until I get to print, then….

Drypoint plates and pointy tool
Drypoint plates and pointy tool


  1. Lovely plates and thank you for the information on the tools that you used.

    1. Thank you! hope it might be of some use to someone…

  2. It is super seeing your creative process at work!

  3. Great but seem wasted on coasters somehow …

    1. Thanks, and I know where you’re coming from with that, but I am not by any means short of things for people to buy that they can hang on their walls. If you think of these as pieces of art that you can leave lying around on the table, that also have the huge advantage that there is no framing issue at all – I simply make a print or a drawing that can fit inside the two-part acrylic enclosure, this means I can make something that I don’t have to charge much for and it’s still worth the effort of creating originals. People seem to like them – they buy them for friends and for themselves because they don’t have to think about where they are going to put it… and they can always take them out of the coaster and put them in a frame if they really want them on the wall. Anyway, sorry, wittering… perhaps it should be the subject of a separate blog!

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