some of my vintage rubbish

What makes you think I hoard things?

Once upon a time mobile phones couldn’t access the internet; once upon a time there were no mobile phones and no internet to be accessed; once upon a time things were harder to get hold of, and we kept useful things, and didn’t throw them out and buy new ones. Apologies, I don’t mean to sound as old as your grandmother, but there was a time when, say, an oversized and all-cardboard envelope was a thing I would put aside for when I might have need of it. There was no eBay; I was not a professional artist, and I…

Nancy Farmer at Ilminster Arts Centre, photo is copyright of Ian Lynes

Filth, depravity and a light lunch with coffee

I spent an enjoyable few hours at Ilminster Arts Centre (where I currently have a solo exhibition), in my ‘artist-in-lurking’ capacity. The exhibition is stewarded and I don’t have to be there at all, but I feel it does no harm to spend some time there on hand to talk to people should they wish to. On occasion the mere being there and talking to people has led to sales which I am sure would not have happened without the human connection. People often like to how how it’s done, sometimes even why it’s done (a more difficult question). Which…

the spelling animals

More Spelling Animals…

A large proportion of my pictures are in an exhibition in Ilminster (amply demonstrating that I already have a lot of pictures), and my studio is undergoing a major overhaul,  so actual new artwork here, is thin on the ground for the moment. Hence, I only have more Spelling Animals to show you… I quite like the Spelling Animals though. Here is Josie’s card, in pencil and a little watercolour:

Nancy Farmer at Ilminster Arts Centre - panorama

‘A Feast of Invention’ at Ilminster Arts Centre

I have a solo exhibition this month in Ilminster Arts Centre (Somerset, UK). I don’t imagine it will be just down the road for most people reading this blog, but if you are nearby, it’s the largest space I have had to fill for a couple of years, and it does look quite nice :-). And if you are still not convinced, visit on Sunday 11th between 3-5pm at the Exhibition Tea Party (see below) and you will get free tea and cake. Scientists have shown that free cake enhances the eater’s ability to appreciate artworks. If you miss the…

Spelling Animals - the new rodents

Spelling Animals: Introducing the performing rodents

Another year of nieces’ and nephews’ birthdays begins! We have had lizards, cats and snakes (with ladders), so I have been hard at work breeding and training up a new kind of spelling animal. It’s a sort of rodent. They started as rats, but some of them look a bit… well. Anyway, you can judge for yourself: