More Spelling Animals…

A large proportion of my pictures are in an exhibition in Ilminster (amply demonstrating that I already have a lot of pictures), and my studio is undergoing a major overhaul,  so actual new artwork here, is thin on the ground for the moment. Hence, I only have more Spelling Animals to show you…

I quite like the Spelling Animals though. Here is Josie’s card, in pencil and a little watercolour:

the spelling animals
The spelling animals – Josie 2013


  1. Just visited your exhibition today, fabulous work, best exhibition I have seen at Ilminster. It doesn’t get much better, you are so so talented, well done you

    1. Thank you Ashar! I keep coming back to Ilminster – this is my third time – the place seems to work well for me… so, quite possibly i will be back another time too, though not for a while, I can’t keep showing the same paintings 😉

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