What makes you think I hoard things?

Once upon a time mobile phones couldn’t access the internet; once upon a time there were no mobile phones and no internet to be accessed; once upon a time things were harder to get hold of, and we kept useful things, and didn’t throw them out and buy new ones.

Apologies, I don’t mean to sound as old as your grandmother, but there was a time when, say, an oversized and all-cardboard envelope was a thing I would put aside for when I might have need of it. There was no eBay; I was not a professional artist, and I didn’t buy large boxes of oversized cardboard envelopes if I wanted them.

My studio is undergoing a much-needed 10-year clear-out (apologies for the dearth of artwork at this time). Mostly I am being very sensible, and a little ruthless. But things are wont to turn up, things that have slipped through time for so long that maybe now they can not be thrown away, not just like that.

Here is an oversized and all-cardboard envelope that slipped through time, three in fact. I was fourteen when the oldest envelope was printed and that was 29 years ago; it tells its own tale.

some of my vintage rubbish
some of my vintage rubbish

On the artwork front: there will be more, soon, honestly. I have in fact sketched out the concept for this year’s Christmas card only this afternoon. You can’t see that, of course: it would be against the rules, but there will be other stuff, shortly…


  1. Mgon ♥

    That’s like me. I have collectables from forever ago. All neatly packed and stored. Occasionally I come across them. It’s like treasure! LOL

    1. Oh yes! i am trying not to do it, because shortly i will be unable to move about the house… some things have just got to go…

      1. …and no, my legs still work fine, it’s all THE STUFF in the way, in case that all came out wrong ;-D

        1. Mgon ♥

          LOL. I understand. Totally. I am TRYING to thin out some of my stuff. It’s painful. The best thing truly is to just stop. STOP the insanity! Heh-heh. I wish you luck with that 😉

  2. Those look extremely cool!!! The only way to really get rid of stuff is to move, and I swore thirty years ago I would never move again, but then – four or so more moves later – got rid of a lot of stuff, but still have too much! 🙂

  3. There was a time when you could have gone on Mastermind with Tolkien as your specialist subject. Come to think of it, you probably still could. Except Mastermind has disappeared…

  4. Elderberry Arts

    I save lots of things that maybe useful. When we moved i had to have a massive clear out to cut down removal costs and found things including books from high school over 15 years ago that have moved wiht my several times but never been out of their boxes :s Good envelopes and packaging I keep too.

    1. Yes, there comes a time when you have more packaging than actual stuff! I left school a lot more than 15 years ago and I am finding i still have stuff from then, but I am getting better at getting rid of it. When I look at things and think “my gods that’s bad embarrassing” it’s time it went….

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