Strange Fish at Clevedon Pier

Sirens on the Rocks - painting by Nancy Farmer
Sirens on the Rocks

Funny, you wait all year for an exhibition and then three come along at once. On Saturday I took down the exhibition at Ilminster and in only a week or so I will be re-hanging everything back in Moorlinch ready for Somerset Arts Weeks… and then yesterday The Tolhouse Gallery, Clevedon Pier, contacted me: they’ve had a cancellation, would I be interested in wall space in their gallery for three weeks starting in the middle of next week. Well of course that would clash completely with Somerset Arts Weeks… so I said I’d be delighted and I would take the whole gallery!

I’d been enquiring about the availability of this place for next year, since I first saw it last month for the Deckchair Competition. Too good an opportunity to miss, with it being available immediately, and one thing I was reminded of while hanging the Ilminster exhibition is that I have A LOT of pictures.

Not only that, but I have a fair few mermaid paintings, so I am making these the central theme of this exhibition. it is, after all, as close to the sea as I am going to get, bar exhibiting on an actual boat. Along with six or seven framed etchings from the 2014 calendar I think I will be half way there. Ideally I would have had the full set of the calendar etchings, but it is hardly possible to get more framed in time, and another thing I learnt from Ilminster is that it is not necessary to display a series of artworks together: it might even be counter-productive if it gives people the impression that they should have all, or none, of a series.

There is barely time to send out a press release, especially since I am waiting till Monday for confirmation of the exact start and end dates [now confirmed: it is on until 30th September – see full details on my exhibitions page]. So this morning I have whipped up a quick poster. Please do feel free to pass the poster or this blog post around – at this short notice I shall need all the publicity I can get 🙂

‘Strange Fish’ seemed like a good title, because of course when I say I have mermaid paintings they are not all ‘normal’ mermaids. Some of them for instance are Maidmers: half woman, half fish, just like mermaids, but, well, the other halves… which leads to some interesting trains of thought. I really wanted an example of these particular strange fish on the poster, but I had to be a little clever with the text as I am trying to get the poster in as many places as I can find without, as they say, frightening the (sea)horses. I hope I have succeeded….

Strange Fish at Clevedon pier - exhibition poster
Strange Fish at Clevedon pier – exhibition poster

And the rest of the Strange Fish:

Maidmers on the Beach - painting by Nancy Farmer
Maidmers on the Beach
Origami Mermaid 2 - painting by Nancy Farmer
Origami Mermaid 2
Arctic Mermaids - painting by Nancy Farmer
Arctic Mermaids
Two Mermaids and a Maidmer - painting by Nancy Farmer
Two Mermaids and a Maidmer
A Romantic Picnic, Spoiled by Mermaids - painting by Nancy Farmer
A Romantic Picnic, Spoiled by Mermaids
Origami Mermaid 1 - painting by Nancy Farmer
Origami Mermaid 1
Fishnets - painting by Nancy Farmer
Origami Mermaid 3 - painting by Nancy Farmer
Origami Mermaid 3


  1. When it rains, it pours! Congratulations & nice buns! 🙂

    1. LOL 😀 thanks Cristian!

      1. ….Christian, even….

      2. 🙂 -You are welcome!

  2. So exhibitions are like buses then, not one but three! Best of British for all of them, am loving the theme….especially the romantic picnic. 😉

    1. Yes, it would appear so! And thank you 🙂

  3. The little mermaid its not.
    Transgressive art.

    1. Thank you! 🙂 …though when I think of ‘The Little Mermaid’ I think of the original Hans Christian Anderson story, which is quite cruel and nasty! Of course, this may be what happens when you give small children books like that to read – they grow up to produce paintings like this 😉

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  5. Very strange fish but I like them. Well done!

    1. thanks Scott 🙂

  6. Reblogged this on riverport living and commented:
    I love this painting of Nancy’s her work has a fab sense of fun.

    1. Hi, and thanks you for re-blogging, very much appreciated! 🙂

  7. I am sure I saw some of these paintings in an exhibition in Glastonbury, cannot remember the name of the gallery – I searched your site for ‘mermaids’ because your fairy style rang a bell with me and sure enough there they are! I particularly like the ‘maidmers’ in the suspenders and the looks on the mermaids faces 🙂 How wonderful to find these painting again.

    1. Ah yes, they were in Gallery Eight on Market Street, but it’s not there any longer, though you can find a few prints of them in Glastonbury Galleries instead. Small world, isn’t it?
      Pleased you like them 🙂 they were done years before the blog – you would have found them on my main site, but that has become out of date and difficult to maintain, and i need to do something about it, starting off with completely re-building it…!

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