Strange Fish at Clevedon Pier 2

The exhibition is up! See my previous post if you want to read the start of that, and my exhibitions page for the venue details and so on. I would have photographed the inside of the gallery, but the light was fading, and it’s never easy to get stunning photos of an empty gallery. So here is the head of the pier itself, with one of my posters. Fear not: for you hydrophobes and sufferers from vertigo, my exhibition is at the dry end, on solid ground….

Clevedon Pier and the 'Strange Fish' exhibition poster
Clevedon Pier and the ‘Strange Fish’ exhibition poster

…and some circling seagulls:

Circling seagulls on Clevedon seafront
Circling seagulls on Clevedon seafront

Right, that’s one exhibition up and running, one more to do tomorrow!


  1. I LOVE the poster and its placement – great photo too!!!!!!

    1. thank you Christian 🙂 …of course the unusually long hot dry weather turned the day I put it up, still, what is there to do on a rainy beach but walk along the pier and peer into the water / deep mud. It is a very nice pier.

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