On returning from the desert, and encountering devils….

There’s been a bit of a dearth of artwork around here lately: not a self-imposed abstinence you understand – I have not really been lost in a barren wilderness, I have simply had too many other things to do. Wall-to-wall exhibitions, and the total overhauling of my studio, for a start. The exhibitions have finished now; the studio is still in a state of flux. At some point everything will be beautifully organized, but, mirage-like, this vision seems to recede with the same speed as I approach it.

Here, for instance, are my newly painted and installed shelves for the day-to-day stuff that I need all the time (sellotape, paint, scissors, pens, sellotape, brushes, paper, stamps and sellotape, to name a few):

shelf of pears
shelf of pears

Several dozen pears were not on the list of ‘everyday stuff I need to use’. And yet, there they were, falling off the tree, and there were these lovely clear shelves. I had to move five pumpkins from the desk as well, before I could get on with any work this week. So, the studio re-shaping continues, hampered by industrial quantities of fruit.

Finally however, I actually had to do some ‘proper art’ because the etching studio term began yesterday. One of the people who bought a set of my ‘Drinking Nudes‘ coasters asked if I would be able to do her another set of devils on coasters. I am hoping a few people might share her tastes because I decided to do them as drypoint prints, just like the Drinking Nudes. This was actually a perfect start-of-term project, because I can do drypoint at home: the image is simply scratched into the metal with a pointy tool, no chemicals. So, on the backs of the aluminium plates I had used for the drinking nudes coasters I proceeded to draw my devils. See this post for a few photos of the original printing plates.

Here are the designs I printed yesterday:

drinking devil one
drinking devil one

I am thinking I might add a little colour by painting the wine in red, but I’ve not tried that yet.

drinking devil two
drinking devil two

There should be 6 designs in the end, but the thing with drypoint, I am told, is that it is best to print all the prints that you want off a plate in one go, as the plate will generally not clean up and print well the next week. Besides which, I haven’t drawn the other 4! So, 13 of each design, 26 prints all printed yesterday, which took a bit of effort, even for little ones. After which time the plate was wearing down, and so was I….

26 drypoint prints
26 drypoint prints

So now I need another 4 devils to complete the set, and a catchy title. Hmm…


  1. Terrific. I’ll have to give aluminium a go 🙂

  2. Oh cool. I tried drypoint for the first time last weekend (not yet posted) but I like yours so much more. Scrolling through WordPress reader I could tell the image was yours before I saw your name.

    1. Thanks! 🙂 I would be interested to see yours… clicked the ‘follow’ on your blog, but it’s still easy to miss stuff, I will try to remember to look up your blog in a week or so!

  3. […] contents of my notebooks into finished pieces.  If I can be bothered.   More interesting was a drypoint print posted by Nancy Farmer a few days […]

    1. Thank you for mentioning me! Can’t currently see if you have posted your own drypoints or not, stuck in Norfolk with minimal internet, struggling even to post this, but will look later….

  4. […] These are the second instalment in my collection of the drypoint demons (with wine), destined to become a nice group of coasters featuring original artwork. The first pair, if you missed them, appeared in this post: https://nancyfarmer.wordpress.com/2013/10/16/on-returning-from-the/. […]

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