Encountering devils… again.

These are the second instalment in my collection of the drypoint demons (with wine), destined to become a nice group of coasters featuring original artwork. The first pair, if you missed them, appeared in this post: https://nancyfarmer.wordpress.com/2013/10/16/on-returning-from-the/.

This was to be a group of six but, since the season for such things is fast approaching, I may  stick at a gourp of four demons and a second group of four angels. Angels are for Christmas; demons, of course, are timeless 😉

drinking devil three
drinking devil three
drinking devil four
drinking devil four


  1. These are absolutely wonderful Nancy!!!

    1. Thank you, Christian 🙂

  2. Looks like they’re having fun. The challenge is going to be the angels. Having seen your other work, I have no idea how they will turn out.

    Give them tails perhaps …?
    Champagne flutes versus the devils’ clear preference for red?

    1. Oh, I’ve drawn angels now and then: they’re quite similar, probably more smug and a bit useless, but generally the same creature 😉
      …yes, champagne flutes is an option: thought of adding some colour to the devil’s wine and some gold leaf to the angels.

  3. Mgon ♥

    Love ’em! (A commandment, not a statement.) Heh-heh 😉

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