The beginning of 2015…

Time and tide wait for no man… nor for a busy woman who has yet to start on next year’s calendar.

So here we are, I have begun the 2015 calendar. In fact I have rather more than begun it, I have been working on it since the start of the year and I have a sketch for every month now, and two images printed, but all in good time: the blog has suffered while I have been busy and I have some catching up to do.

Next year’s calendar will be “Twelve Views of the Tor”… Glastonbury Tor of course, a place of some repute and a striking landmark, six miles or so from here as the witch flies.

The idea was loosely inspired by the 36 views of Mount Fuji, by Japanese printmaker Katsushika Hokusai. If you are familiar with this set of prints you will know that in a great many of the prints there is a lot more going on than just Mount Fuji, and this was my idea for these pictures as they relate to the Tor. They will also all be prints: etching and drypoint, with just a little coloured detail added in each one, maybe.

This is what I printed last week:

Drypoint Print: The Tor at Night
Drypoint Print: The Tor at Night

A little scene of Diabolical Dancing around the tower – all that remains of St Michael’s church that once stood on the top of Glastonbury Tor. Not sure what St Michael feels about this sort of behaviour, given his reputation, but I am assured this sort of thing goes on on a dark night. It is perhaps slightly regrettable that the first picture I can show you does not show the lovely outline of the Tor, as it sticks up from the Somerset Levels, but I chose this scene to work on first because it was the only one that I thought at the time I would tackle entirely in drypoint, which meant I could prepare the plate before the printing term started again.

Here’s the sketch – I think I may paint in the green and pink coloured socks on the actual print in due course.

Pencil sketch: The Tor at Night
Pencil sketch: The Tor at Night

And if you are interested there is a little more about how I am creating these drypoints on this post: Below are a couple of close up photos of  the surface of the aluminium plate I printed from. Click on them to full-size and you will see quite a lot of detail.  There is ink still in the scratched lines which is why they show up black.

Detail of drypoint on aluminium 2
Detail of drypoint on aluminium 2
Detail of drypoint on aluminium 2
Detail of drypoint on aluminium 2

And that is one month of 2015 covered… Today I printed another one, but that will have to wait its turn…


  1. Stripey socks. So cool.

  2. Thank you 🙂 …and stripey socks are always cool 🙂

  3. now read the post not just looked at the pictures. A lot to learn here. I like the contour type of approach to drawing and the build up of texture by the moving lines.

    1. Thanks! The contour thing is pretty much how I draw: I had years of being able to do a line drawing that I was quite pleased with only to spoil it all by adding shading before I drew like that. I have seen drawings done by other people using shading in the obvious cross-hatching / straight lines sort of way but it generally never works for me.

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